I Cannabis

These are people like you. Unique, diverse, awesome, normal people who have found strength and confidence through cannabis.

That’s why we’re here. Because we’re finding that when we share without shame, it feels really, really good. To say it with pride, not fear. “I cannabis.”

The plant’s not scary. But sharing can be. We avoid conversation around this form of medicine because we’ve been taught to hide it. To cover it up. Yet this community is starting to find traction… reforming the laws and labels through advocacy, education and a whole heck of a lot of hard work. National legislation is on the horizon. There’s no better time to shift the narrative than NOW.

One story can provide a powerful message.
Many stories can inspire movement. Let’s tell them all.

Share Your Confidence!

Like enjoying a cup of tea, taking a morning jog, or winding down before bed with a book, cannabis provides a normal, everyday benefit. We hear it all the time. Now we want to see it.

When you show our community of patients and consumers that you’re proud to say “I cannabis,” you empower others to feel confident enough to say it with you.

Portrait of woman in glasses smiling.

Feeling good about cannabis starts at the root.

As a leader in this industry, we see positive impact as our responsibility. We call it being Rooted In Good, and it’s how we create meaningful and intentional change at every intersection.

Our Rooted in Good programming is designed to touch everyone from our internal team members to our local neighbors, to cannabis cultivators, patients, consumers, and aspiring industry professionals across the globe. It's our intent to make the cannabis space better for everyone involved.

Through multi-scale efforts to bolster diversity, inclusion, social equity and sustainability, Rooted in Good builds confidence from the ground up, providing the necessary foundation to say "I cannabis" with pride.

Take Care

We facilitate the incredible connection between cannabis and wellness every single day. Though the plant can be key to your essential self-care routine, it’s not the only component! We believe in whole-self health, and we’re here to support you. Here’s a little inspiration to start.

Woman stretching her right arm in a forest
Pulling a preroll out of a Veteran's Cannabis Project Pack

Shop with purpose

Curaleaf’s cause-based partnerships offer many avenues to support the meaningful work being done. This includes products that fund important issues and activations for the future we envision.

We have partnered with the following organizations to craft high-quality products with a greater purpose. Visit the links below to learn about the work your purchase fuels: