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Our corporate social responsibility is Rooted in Good

Cannabis with Confidence. That’s our promise to you.

And we believe that for you to have complete confidence in Curaleaf, it’s not just about what we grow, but how we grow it, and who we impact along the way.

From our initiative to partner with 420 diverse suppliers and brands by 2025, to our internal activations for greater workplace representation, to our re-evaluation of manufacturing practices in an effort to increase sustainability, what we do—and who we are—is guided by our commitment to always be Rooted in Good.

We educate. We advocate. We give.

We identified our greatest potential for positive change to fall within three Corporate Social Responsibility programs:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

With values like “One Curaleaf” and “Respect for All”, we understand the importance of a company culture that embraces differences, encourages growth, considers reflection and strives to rectify historical missteps of the cannabis industry. This key pillar of our Rooted in Good strategy speaks strongly to our commitment to being the best Curaleaf we can!

Social Equity

As a cannabis company of our size, it’s our responsibility to use our leadership for good.

That means we’re working to increase economic opportunities for folks within historically disadvantaged communities, and we’re providing mentoring and tech assistance to aspiring cannabis business owners.

We’re supporting organizations that tackle current social issues, like mitigating the harm of the war on drugs and fighting for criminal justice reform.

Environmental Sustainability

Challenges with environmental sustainability run deep in any industry. That’s why we believe it’s the responsibility of our business to lead by example and change the status quo.

We’re auditing our practices, identifying new ways to work and reporting on the areas we know we can improve. We’re also partnering with consultants to find eco-driven solutions to lighten our footprint wherever we can.

This planet gave us cannabis, after all. We say it’s time to give back.