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Curaleaf & Veterans

Cannabis Project

The Veterans Cannabis Project is the leading organization that advocates for unrestricted access of medical cannabis for veterans. In 2019, Curaleaf launched a nationwide initiative with the VCP to help bring additional visibility to this important issue and help the millions of veterans dealing with chronic pain and other conditions have better access to quality medical cannabis.

Curaleaf created a new pre-roll box with the VCP logo and 5 small pre-rolls inside, and rolled it out at our dispensaries and through retail partners across the country. For every box sold, $1 is donated to the Veterans Cannabis Project. Other cannabis operators are welcome to contact the VCP for more information on participating in this special program.

Veterans Cannabis Project Art Therapy

Doug Distaso is the Executive Director of the Veterans Cannabis Project. Having experienced the plight that millions of veterans face daily in the United States, Doug has dedicated his post-military life to ensuring a better future for veterans in our country. At VCP, he works to increase access to safe medical cannabis for veterans. In his spare time, Doug is dedicated to helping veterans through art therapy. His artwork is inspired by the unique vantage point he experienced while serving as a special ops pilot in the U.S. Air Force for over 20 years.

His artwork will be on display in Curaleaf dispensaries and available for purchase here.

About Veterans Cannabis Project

Veterans Cannabis Project is dedicated to improving U.S. military veterans’ quality of life through the opportunity of cannabis. We believe medical cannabis saves lives and that veterans deserve full, legal access.

That is why VCP is working to change the conversation about the life-saving health treatment value of cannabis by:

Advocating on behalf of veterans’ cannabis access

Educating policymakers and the public about the value of cannabis to veterans to eliminate stigma

Supporting veterans across the nation with the resources they need to understand the value of medical cannabis and know their rights while arming them with the tools they need to encourage policy change

Creating a community that can heal our nation’s broken approach to cannabis and provide veterans with safe, legal access

Visit the VCP website here.