Environmental Sustainability

Challenges with environmental sustainability run deep in any industry.

That’s why we believe it’s the responsibility of our business to lead by example and change the status quo.

We’re auditing our practices, identifying new ways to work and reporting on the areas we know we can improve. We’re also partnering with consultants to find eco-driven solutions to lighten our footprint wherever we can. This planet gave us cannabis, after all. We say it’s time to give back.

Our Path To Sustainability

We identified employees in business areas such as packaging, processing, cultivation, and compliance to serve as experts on our cross-departmental Sustainability Task Force. Our Task Force worked with consultants to collect data, track current practices, then report on them in an initial study phase. Now we're searching for the right partner. If you are an organization that feels ready to guide us into the future as we forge ahead with our commitment to giving back to the planet as much as it gives to us, you can find our request for proposal by clicking below.