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Chroma Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans | 100mg - $40

Locally sourced Italian roast beans coated in Belgian dark chocolate consisting of 54.5% cocoa butter and chocolate liquor; Infused with distillate. 100mg~5mg per~20 servings. Provided by Commonwealth Alternative Care.

Slate Beauty Serum 2oz. | 200mg THC - $45 A revitalizing and hydrating blend of cannabis extracts, coconut and squalene oil. Commonly used to help ease dry skin and dermatitis. Provided by Commonwealth Alternative Care.

Tues 2/18 - Tues 2/25

Celebrate Mardi Gras! Wear Green, Gold AND Purple to receive a $5 Preroll!

Also enjoy 20% off Drench Drink Packets, now only $4!

1 Preroll per patient per day. All sales while supplies last. Cannot be combined with first time patient discount or other sales/discounts. 

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