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In raw plant form, Cannabis contains the acidic compound THCA, not Delta 9-THC, and therefore could be ingested with no pharmacological or psychotropic effects. Only when heated does the acidic compound THCA convert to biologically active THC (Delta 9-THC) in a process called decarboxylation (loss of carboxylic acid functional group). The rule applies to all cannabinoids: decarboxylation converts acidic CBDA to neutral CBD; CBGA to CBG; etc. Due to its psychotropic effects on the human brain, THC (Delta 9-THC) is the best-known cannabinoid. The amount of THC in Cannabis can vary greatly (< 0.3 – 25% dry weight) and the plant has been cultivated aggressively in the modern era to produce potent strains laden with THC.
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