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How tech is making ingestible cannabis even better.

Imagine ingesting cannabis in a way that hits you quickly, like within 15-30 minutes. Sound like science fiction? Well, now it’s science fact.

The reason is nanotechnology. It has helped create cannabis edibles that get absorbed into the body much faster than traditional edibles. So how does this work? Let’s take a look.

The original way takes more time

Traditional edibles are made by infusing a food or drink with a fat-soluble cannabis oil. When consumed, this oil must be processed through the digestive system, which means the liver is in charge of processing compounds like THC. When digested, the average person won’t experience the full effects of these edibles for 1½ – 2 hours. In other words, they’re pretty slow.

Nano fast-forwards the effects

Select’s Nano-based ingestibles also start with cannabis oil, but here’s the key difference: using nanoemulsification, the cannabis oil is transformed into tiny water-soluble cannabinoids. When ingested, these tiny particles are so small that they bypass the digestive system. Then the cannabis compounds get absorbed into the bloodstream much more rapidly and efficiently, allowing onset times as fast as 15-30 minutes. In other words, they’re pretty fast.

Squeeze the day, right away

Select Squeeze is a new product that takes full advantage of nanotechology. This THC product comes in a discreet, compact bottle, and with its easy-dose reservoir, which takes the guesswork out of measuring doses. Without the waiting time associated with traditional ingestibles, the flexibility that Squeeze gives patients is incredible. Relief is possible anytime. And with a range of tasty flavors, the options are delicious.

Giant leaps in the world of cannabis don’t happen all that often. But in the case of Select Squeeze, it was definitely worth the wait.

This is a medical product and it is not recommended to be mixed with other medications or alcohol.