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With so many intriguing, artsy, useful and fun cannabis accessories available today, it’s never been a better time to infuse your holiday season with some herb-related gift giving! Since cannabis isn’t ever one-size-fits-all, we’ve explored a variety of categories in order to help you find just the right gift-worthy goods for your near and dear. Let’s start with the little things and work our way to #1 on our top 10 list.

Stocking stuffers for pre-roll lovers...



The RAW loader is often overlooked, but oh-so-useful! This practical, pocket-sized funnel brings efficiency to cone filling, and perfection to hand rolling. People with shaky hands are especially fond of the little contraption. One fan claims the loader is a literal life saver, while another says it cuts the time it takes to fill his cones in half. In the box you’ll find a card and poking tool alongside the funnel. Comes in two sizes.


raw loader

Available at … $8.50




Juicy Jay's Candy Cane rolling papers. They’re made from hemp, printed with soy ink, and taste just like Christmas. Need we say any more?


juicey joe's candy cane rolling papers

Available at … $1.75 per pack




King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls are handmade from the leaves of flowering tree grown across South East Asia. Slow-burning, sustainable, and non-toxic, King Palm leaf wraps are responsible for creating an entire job market where they’re grown and produced. Cheers to that!


King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls

Available at … $5 and up

Gifts for the cannafriend who prefers brownies to bowls...




Maybe it’s time he starts baking his own! The Magical Butter machine is one of the most popular cannabutter makers on the market. The deluxe bundle (pictured here) comes with the full outfit of necessary infusion supplies, including a DecarBox for activating your favorite strain.


Magical Butter machine

Available at and Curaleaf MA … $124.95+




Oh, wait... he’s already got an infusion gadget... or three? Instead, consider giving your cannachef a stylish place to record his culinary achievements, like this Cannabis Cooking Journal. It comes complete with dosing calculations & recommendations, terpene flavor pairing infographics, and a cooking oil comparison chart.


Cannabis Cooking Journal

Available from Gldleaf on … $19.99 (Vegan “leather” case sold separately.)

Gifts for people who are out of the cannabis closet and proud of it...




It’s impossible to pick which of these Cannabis Art Prints we like best. These crisp and clean designs— also from Gldleaf—offer everything from terpene charts to cannabinoid infographics to the simple line-drawn beauty of the cannabis plant itself.


Cannabis Art Prints

Available from Gldleaf on Etsy … $32.99+ (Poster hanging rail set sold separately.)




For someone who wears her cannabis-lovin' heart on her sleeve, she’ll enjoy wearing a THC Molecule Necklace around her neck.  A total conversation-starter, this homage to THC opens the door on the subject in an unexpected way. A CBD version is also available.  Upgrade to sterling silver or 18K gold if you’re going for something truly special.


THC Molecule Necklace

Available from Molecular Motifs on Etsy … $19.99

Gifts for people who are starting to take cannabis more seriously...




If you’re shopping for someone who’s ready incorporate dabbing into their routine, a Hand Bell Dab Rig is a splendid choice. 7” tall, pleasant to hold, and made of super durable borosilicate glass, it’s portable, simple and trusty.


Hand Bell Dab Rig

Available at and Curaleaf Arizona … $64.99




When a mason jar in a shoebox no longer cuts it for storage, Myster Stashtray is ready. This magnetic box neatly houses “the only rolling tray you’ll ever need,” along with a matching strain jar (with additional jars available for purchase), a grinder, an ashtray and a lighter case. Everything’s magnetic, so your stashbox stays as neat as a pin. The whole ensemble looks classy enough to display on a bookshelf—just be sure to keep it properly labeled and out of the reach of children. This is one of those great gifts to give your partner (so you can enjoy it, too)!


Myster Stashtray

Available at and Curaleaf Maryland … $149+




Using your favorite glass water piece without needing to heat up a nail? Yes! The G Pen Connect uses battery power to heat concentrates evenly and consistently via a ceramic heating element. With three fast-acting temp setting, and the ability to extend the draw, this little device caters to a variety of potency and flavor preferences. For anyone fond of concentrates, the G Pen Connect will deliver a simple, smooth vape experience, time after time. State-of-the-art, efficient and just plain smart, the G Pen Connect is well deserving of landing the #1 spot in our 2019 cannabis gift guide.


G Pen Connect

Available at




And that’s a wrap on our list of top 10 gifts for the Canna-enthusiast! Speaking of wraps... it’d be a miss not to grab some of this Fan Leaf Wrapping Paper for the #1 Leaf Fan in your life. Find lots of leaf motifs and color options on


wrapping paper

What’s your favorite canna-gift to give? Share your pick-pics with us on instagram!