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Well friends, here we are. Life has been up-ended, and we’re all figuring out the best ways to adapt to the challenges and constraints the coronavirus has caused. While we’ve discovered just how much can spin out of control, we’re starting to find solace in the things we can control.

It’s an evolving situation, and we're adapting in the moment. Regardless of exactly what each moment holds for you, structure remains a key word. We can all find ways to structure our days and create more order in our personal lives. Here are just some of the ideas we’ve compiled to stay calm on the inside during difficult times:

Embrace a schedule

Many of us prefer to go-with-the-flow. Right now, that “flow” sure is choppy! If you’re working from home—or currently not working at all— there’s a lot to be said for creating a schedule.

Look at your day, hour-by-hour, and jot down your ideal sequence of events. Include your target wake time and bedtime, remembering to factor in meals, medication regimens, work hours (if applicable), chores, cooking, free time and self-care. Want to go granular? Include wellness-driven activities like water breaks, stretch sessions, and mini meditations. Want to make it pretty? Try Canva’s free schedule template.

Making your schedule is the easy part. Now, try sticking to it! Stuff happens (and IS happening!) so don’t expect every day to match your ideals. Instead, gear yourself towards living intentionally when time allows.

If you’re still reporting to a workplace, your job is already dictating a big portion of your day. That said, schedule can help you make more constructive choices and ensure you’re using your home-time wisely, with wellness in mind. (Don’t lose those precious hours to a nightly media zone-out!)

Make a meal plan

Everyone’s got to eat! In times of stress, many of us tend to overeat, under eat, or eat a less balanced diet. Turning to comfort foods has its place, but moderation is key. Making a meal plan is a great way to get organized and stay aware of your nutrient intake in one fell swoop!

To execute a meal plan:

  1. Decide how often—or in this case how infrequently—you’re able to go shopping.
  2. Tally how many meals you’ll require between trips and create a Meal Menu of what you plan to serve for the duration.  Include breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks. Don’t forget to account for leftovers!
  3. Create a Master Ingredient List of common items you use when cooking and do an inventory of your pantry before you shop to avoid gaps.
  4. Cross-reference your Meal Menu with your Master Ingredient List to make sure you don't forget any essentials.

*On a budget? Remember that healthy foods can often be less expensive than processed foods.

While such planning might make for a bigger grocery bill, avoiding extra trips to the store will save you money in the long run. Just be sure to stick to your menu to avoid food waste... which is also cash waste!

Waste not, want not

Should you find yourself with extra perishables, or perhaps you’re missing a needed ingredient for a meal, is a wonderful solution. This tool (also available as an app) lets you search for recipes based on the foods you have on hand.

Minimize and (re)organize

There was never a better time to clean up your act! Less visual clutter means less mental clutter. In other words, you can focus on what matters, and forget about what doesn’t. Once the trash has been tossed and the recycling has been sorted, put aside still-useable, unwanted items for donation. For health concerns, many organizations cannot take donations at this time, so box up your goods and save them for post-quarantine days.

Reorganize! Consider your closets, your cooking utensil drawer, your bathroom cabinet.... is the space being used efficiently? Move your furniture around to shift your perspective and maximize space. If you need ideas, Marie Kondo’s waiting for you on Netflix.

Once you’ve minimized the non-essentials, and reordered what you DO want to keep, give your space a deep cleaning. Not only will it enhance your mood and productivity, but it’s a really good time to keep clean right now.

Seize the opportunity

Time for another list; this one is fun. Make a list of things you love to do—or have wanted to do—but never had the time for... until now.

  • Stimulate your creativity! Sew those pillow covers, start a sketchbook, strum that guitar...
  • Dust of your journal or outline that novel, and build writing time into your daily schedule
  • Reacquaint yourself with an old hobby, or start a new one
  • Start a garden wherever you can: your yard, your balcony, your windowsill.
  • Teach your dog new tricks, or just squeeze in some extra cuddle time.
  • Surprise your neighbor with a random act of kindness.
  • Mail cards to people in assisted living facilities who cannot have visitors right now
  • Call an old friend and rekindle your connection
  • Volunteer to help. Underserved populations are feeling this crisis more than ever. Pick an organization or group to support and find out how they’d most benefit from your time.

Cut yourself some slack

Being constructive with your time during this crisis is important. But don’t let that hold you back from binging your favorite show now and again. Superheroes need down time, too. Whatever it is that recharges your battery... make time for it.

Speaking of recharging, SLEEP is restorative. Meaning, it is responsible for healing, repairing and restoring cells in your body! Good sleep promotes a healthy immune response and a positive mood. Right about now, these things are more important than ever. It’s a good time to turn to Indica-dominant cannabis strains before bed, if you don’t already! Strains with a high Linalool terpene content may also calm and relax you thanks to that soothing lavender aroma.

Get professional help

Let it be said that not everyone has the luxury to indulge in fun activities right now. Some of us are facing significant difficulties for the first time, while others continue to combat familiar challenges at an elevated degree.

If you’re concerned about paying your mortgage or rent, the National Housing Conference has a large list of resources.

If your mental health is suffering, see the CDC’s recommendations for managing stress and anxiety during the pandemic.

Our list is meant to lighten your spirits and induce a little optimism... but it’s imperative you seek professional help if it’s needed. Meanwhile, we’re working as hard as ever to do our part to meet your cannabis needs. As of today, 04/08/20 our medical dispensaries remain open as “essential service” businesses. But things are changing fast. Check for the latest info on how Curaleaf is managing the situation at:

What are you doing to stay calm during quarantine?

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