woman in cannabis grow center

The female force: Meet 5 of Curaleaf's #WomenInCannabis

When we first shared this pic of Liz, head grower for our NY cultivation site, it became clear that you appreciate seeing strong #WomenInCannabis.

No matter the industry, the male population dominates in terms of leadership roles, Cannabis included. However, the percentage of females in powerful positions IS significantly higher in the green economy than it is elsewhere. This trend deserves a spotlight not just in terms of celebrating a win, but as a way to preserve—and accelerate the growth of—that statistic towards a figure of actual equality.


Here are five exemplary women in Curaleaf who are making strides towards the >50% stat:


Name: Lilly Reff Years in Industry: 4 Position: Store Manager Location: Curaleaf Midtown, Arizona

Notable achievements: I had the pleasure of helping Curaleaf transition into Arizona state, where we’ve created one of our largest branches so far. This includes opening brand new stores, as well as incorporating acquired stores into the Curaleaf culture. Hearing the feedback from our patients every day regarding the care and insight my team provides—and ways we can improve—never ceases to inspire me. I love the environment we have cultivated, and the space that we have created to make our patients feel comfortable as they find relief. It is really humbling when I reflect on what an opportunity I have here; I was given the privilege of having my own store at 24 and I am still pushing to set our roots even deeper in Midtown Phoenix, reaching as many patients as we can.

What brought you into the Cannabis field? I was always inspired by the idea of being part of a movement far beyond myself. Drawn to the local underground punk scene’s philosophy of acceptance, unity and non conventionality, Cannabis seemed, to me, very comparable. It’s a growing industry where you can be an individual as well as a contributor to something bigger. To think that someone like me could get in on the ground level of something truly spectacular with infinite possibilities… it still thrills me.  So does giving our new hires the opportunity to be a part of this amazing company. No one has to fit a certain criteria or become a carbon copy of a cookie cutter ideal, and that is a beautiful thing in and of itself.

Thoughts on Living Life Well: Living well, to me, is being authentic to your truest self. Curaleaf has given me the opportunity to strive—in the very industry that drives me—to do well for my local community. Seeing the positivity we bring into the lives of our patients and our Curafamily brings me such a sense of pride and wellbeing. Working in this industry and with this company has taught me so much about personal health and the limitless aspirations a person can achieve, given the right environment. My kids are so inspired to see their mom come home happy, and feeling accomplished. I know that will stick with them forever.


Name: Aerie Neri Years in Industry: 5 Position: Inventory Data Specialist Location: Curaleaf Camelback, Arizona

Notable achievements: Turning around our location’s inventory audit results — proud to say we are now near perfect!

What brought you into the Cannabis field? I got my degree in Medical Assisting, thinking this would be my way of helping people. Yet I was immediately turned off by how the whole system worked. You prescribed a medication to a patient, who would, in turn, come back complaining of side effects, only to be put on a second medication to combat the first. This was insane to me! I knew there was a better way; I had already been treating my own symptoms with Cannabis for years. Fast forward almost 5 years, and I feel I've helped more people now than when I first got into the medical field almost 10 years ago! 

Thoughts on Living Life Well: You've gotta do what makes your mind, body & soul feel good. Follow your heart, it will show you the way to living life well.


Name: Sabrina Madsen Years in Industry: 2 Position: Vegetative Supervisor Location: Curaleaf Maryland

Notable achievements: I’ve maintained 100+ genetics inside the mother grow room, assisted with creating and establishing our mother plant process, and assisted with our pheno-hunting processes, ensuring that our plants’ best genes are passed on from one generation to the next. I’ve trained the entire vegetative staff, and helped our positive workplace culture thrive. 

What brought you into the Cannabis field? It was my intense desire to help the people of the world find holistic and effective solutions to their problems, while doing right by our planet. I also happen to love plants.

Thoughts on Living Life Well: Living Life Well means that at the end of the day, no matter what, I rest easy knowing that I am true to myself.



Employee Name: Kylie Davis Years in Industry: 5 years Position: Sales & Marketing Location: Curaleaf Maryland

Notable achievements: Being the first successful east coast cannabis influencer!

What brought you into the Cannabis field? I was not a cannabis user or supporter until I suffered from a traumatic brain injury my sophomore year of college. I joined the cannabis field to prove the power of the plant to my family—and some of my friends—who originally frowned upon my cannabis use. It took a few years for them to come around. I am so incredibly thankful for this plant and all it has done for me. Being involved in the cannabis industry lets me be a part of something bigger than myself; it’s a movement for health, wellness, justice, and equality.

Thoughts on Living Life Well: Listen to your body and give it what it wants. After my brain injury, I had lost all memories from before 2012. The only thing I knew was what felt good and what did not. Knowing how to listen to my body gave me the confidence I needed to leave pharmaceuticals behind and try a more holistic approach. After using medical cannabis for the first time, I knew I couldn’t go back to big pharma. I have been a medical cannabis patient—and involved in the industry—ever since that very first time; it changed my life forever.


Name: Brittany Kingsbury Years in Industry: 4+ Position: Lab Manager Location: Curaleaf Massachusetts 

Notable achievements: I helped execute the launch of multiple products for Curaleaf, MA while assisting startup in all aspects of lab production, packaging, and wholesale delivery. I also recently managed over 300% quarterly wholesale growth since Q1 2019 within the required budgeted timeline! 

What brought you into the Cannabis field? I was drawn to the cannabis industry after having been affected by the opiate epidemic, and personally losing several people I care about to opiates. Those losses pushed me to be a part of this industry and get involved. I wanted to create products that I could feel proud recommending to the friends, family members and vets in my life today.

Thoughts on Living Life Well: Living Life Well, to me, means being a role model for other women in the cannabis industry, and showing that it's possible to thrive in a male dominated industry. It feels personally rewarding working in an industry where I can help patients and also change the stigma of surrounding negative connotations by educating one person at a time. 

At Curaleaf, enhanced diversification in cannabis is a top priority. As part of the Cannabis Trade Federation, we’re actively working to create a professional, credible and unified organization for the Cannabis Industry, our female force included. The inspiring women showcased here are but a handful of the #WomenInCannabis we support as they grow alongside the fastest growing industry in the world!