cannabis flower ground

Scenario: You visit your neighborhood coffee shop for the first time. 

There’s tons of options, and of course, there’s no try-before-you-buy. After a bit of decision fatigue, and fear of using the wrong terminology, you grab your venti iced latte and skirt right out of there. But… oh, it’s good. Your new favorite. You return, week after week, and the barista now knows your order by heart. Sometimes you go big and top it with fresh whipped cream. It’s important to indulge once in awhile. The catch? Those higher-end lattes are pricey. And some days are so hectic that you can’t even give your four-dollar drink the attention it deserves. You start to wonder if the indulgence is best saved for special situations. And yet, plain old coffee will surely come as a disappointment. It’s a catch-22.

One day, you learn that the coffee shop has a new roast that’s rumored to be a real treat. You give it a whirl and discover that it’s not your average cup. It’s pretty darn good! Yes, you still get your specialty when you’ve got time to enjoy it. Other days, you’re content to get your caffeine via a high-quality (yet wallet-friendly) cup of “regular,” which isn’t so regular after all. 

But wait: this blog is supposed to be about cannabis… right? Why are we chatting about coffee?

Because in a dispensary, it’s often the same story: You know what you like, yet you’ve also got a budget to follow. Our coffee-shop analogy is a helpful setup for the different tiers of cannabis flower you can expect to see at Curaleaf.

In our New Jersey locations, for example, there are three options. Let’s take a look.

Ready to Roll

Ready to Roll is just what it sounds like: Cannabis that’s prepped and ready to fill your favorite papers. Comprised of small pieces of bud/flower, sugar leaf and resinous trichomes, it has the lowest price point of our flower options. In coffee terms, it’s like your basic breakfast blend. Many people find it perfectly satisfying (it’s actually our best-seller), while others are looking for something a bit more robust, or smooth, or just… better.

Ground to Go

You wanted “better?” This is it. Our new Ground to Go provides the same convenience of Ready to Roll, in a more wholesome product. Because of its consistency, Ground to Go is a desirable choice for a variety of uses: roll it up, pack it in a bowl, vape it, or use it in edibles. Better yet: it’s still affordable! If you’re not looking to spring for the top-shelf, but you’ve got a taste for it, this may be your new favorite. For patients with dexterity challenges, this pre-ground flower of  uncompromised quality boasts a truly ideal combo of perks!

Full Flower

The espresso of cannabis. The best. If you’re a true connoisseur, you know there’s no substitute to freshly-cured full flower. When you can go for it, go for it. When you need to watch your wallet, Ready to Roll has your back as a low-cost favorite. And now, Ground to Go is another affordable option that takes the versatility up a notch, or three!


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