gourd bong

Pumpkin bongs may be all the rage, but have you ever thought about a gourd bong? Mini gourds come in all sorts of amazing fall colors, they’re of optimal size for a session, and they are super simple to construct! If you’re feeling fallish and festive, here’s how turn a gourd into your new favorite piece:

Select your gourd

select a gourd

Mini gourds are usually fairly inexpensive, so find a few that speak to you at your local farmer’s market or grocery store. The ideal gourd will be a bit hollow by nature, be easy to hold, and will allow for a comfortable place to rest your lips!

Find a slide

bongYou’re going to outfit your gourd with a slide for a bong. We used a 14mm slide (like the glass component you see above). If you can borrow one from a bong in your collection, great! If you don’t have one, a simple slide can be ordered à la carte for as little as 10 bucks. Or, get fancy with something more personalized! Badassglass.com has tons of fun choices.

Fitting the slide

Unlike a big ol’ pumpkin, you won’t need to gut your gourd. But you will need to carve a few holes! A long, skinny, serrated edged knife—one that’s designed for pumpkin carving—is ideal. Insert your knife near the middle of one side of the gourd, carving deeply, ‘til the knife tip reaches the gourd’s center. The diameter of the hole needs to be just a bit smaller than the slide you’ll be inserting. This will ensure the fit is nice and snug! Firmly push your slide into the hole, wiggling and twisting ‘til it takes. If it’s impossible to push in, carve away a little more gourd flesh and keep trying until it is fully inserted.

Allow for airflow

Once your slide and your gourd have become one, carve a small hole on the opposing side, pushing the knife all the way into the center of the gourd. You should be able to feel a bit of empty space inside. Put your mouth to the new hole and suck in. If you get some air, you’re good to go! If you don’t, try opening the hole a little wider until you feel the airflow.

Pack it up

Now, the fun part. Pack your bowl, and give your new piece a go. Enjoy the essence of squash as you smoke your favorite strain. A fresh gourd bong is best, but you could probably keep your carving in the fridge for a day or two to get more bang from your bong!

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