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…we’re happy you’re here!

After many years of research, development, exploration, and inspiration, we’re thrilled to introduce an entirely new line of products – Plant Precision.

A celebration of nurture and nature, Plant Precision was created using the best science available to offer new ways for people to incorporate cannabis into their daily wellness routines.

Below we’re taking you inside the world of Plant Precision, with an upfront from our Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist for Curaleaf New York, Dr. Stacia Woodcock, PharmD. With her medical background and passion for holistic healing, Dr. Stacia is a huge advocate for cannabis-based wellness and we’re lucky to have her.

Before we meet the products, let’s take a closer look at the precise, little compounds that inspired Plant Precision – minor cannabinoids!

**Dr. Stacia: ** By now, most consumers have heard of the most common cannabinoid found in cannabis: THC. What you may not know is that the cannabis plant contains over 100 unique cannabinoids other than THC. We call these the minor cannabinoids. Don’t be fooled by the name – each of these compounds interacts with the body in a unique way. CBN (cannabinol) is being studied as a next-generation sleep supplement that can help you achieve a restful night of sleep without the hangover typically associated with commonly-prescribed sleep aids. THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) is being looked at as a promising agent for increased energy and focus as well as its ability to decrease appetite and curb cravings. CBG (cannabigerol) has antioxidant properties and is being studied as a potential treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, as well as its potential for protecting neurons in the brain from degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s Disease. And finally, CBD (cannabidiol) helps with stress management and overall brain and body tension. Not only do these minor cannabinoids help balance the body, they do so without the excessive euphoria associated with THC, making them an ideal daily supplement to help you achieve your optimal mind and body performance. Plant Precision represents the next evolution of cannabis as a targeted tool for individualized health and wellness.

Ready to enter the world of wellness?

Meet Plant Precision Gummies

With Plant Precision, we’re celebrating minor cannabinoids that interact with THC to help support everyday wellness. Precisely formulated in 1:4 ratios of THC with therapeutic minor cannabinoids, Plant Precision Gummies each target a specific wellness destination…

  • Balance (THC:CBD) | Peace & Calm

  • Slumber (THC:CBN) | Sleep & Relaxation

  • Boost (THC: THCV) | Energy & Focus

  • Soothe (THC:CBG) | Recovery & Relief

Infused with complementary terpenes (and in delicious fruity flavors!), these gummies also feature special encapsulation technology that helps protect the cannabinoids for easier absorption.

Developed for daily use, Plant Precision Gummies are the perfect product for those looking to level up their everyday wellness routines. By focusing on precise formulations and balanced ratios, these gummies truly represent the future of cannabis, where we’re exploring beyond the boundaries of THC!

Meet Relieve Topical Gel

It doesn’t get more precise than the other leading product from our launch collection. Relieve Topical Gel is the only product in the Plant Precision line that’s 100% THC. Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this topical cannabis gel was created to rapidly ease tension where you need it most, no ingestion or inhalation required.

  • Relieve (100% THC) | Targeted Recovery & Relief

Once applied to the targeted area, relief can be felt in under an hour, accompanied by a calming “body high” tingle. Subtly scented with Lemongrass, Relieve Topical Gel is perfect for soothing sore muscles and joints, after long workouts, while traveling, or whenever you need a little extra soothing.

Plant Precision Gummies and Relieve Topical Gel are the first two Plant Precision products you’ll encounter in the world of wellness. Whether you’re newer to cannabis or seeking new dimensions of daily wellness, Plant Precision will take you there – precisely.

We can’t wait to continue bringing you what’s at the forefront of cannabis science to create a more holistic world where people are empowered by wellness.

Thank you Dr. Stacia for your leadership and guidance, and thank you to our Curaleaf customers who are on the journey with us.

The world of wellness awaits!

Where is Plant Precision launching first?

Plant Precision Gummies & Relieve Topical Gel

  • MA & AZ

Relieve Topical Gel

  • NV, UT, FL



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