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*If you’re not exactly sure what Oil Day is, you’re not alone. This holiday is less than a decade old and the celebration evolves each year. We’ll start with the basics before exploring the many different types of oil available.

July 10th = 7/10, and 710 = OIL if you turn it upside down.

The earliest Oil Day celebrations are said to have happened in 2012, with the first official festival held on 7/10 in 2013. This event put an emphasis on the date and boosted the holiday's popularity. In terms of cannabis-inspired holidays, many consider 7/10 the sister celebration to 4/20.

Oil Day is a day for appreciating cannabis in its concentrated form.

When we speak about “concentrates,” it’s important to know that this pertains to any extraction of concentrated cannabis oil, regardless of its finished appearance. Thanks to a full, concentrated terpene and cannabinoid profile, concentrates are significantly more potent and flavorful than cannabis flower alone.

When defining a cannabis concentrate, there are several factors at play. Things like:

Method of extraction

Most concentrates are created by passing a solvent through cannabis plant material.

Others are produced through a solventless extraction process that utilizes mechanical technique through pressure, temperature, and filtration.

‘Cured’ vs. ‘Live’

‘Cured’ concentrates are produced from cannabis plant material that has gone through the drying and curing process. ‘Live’ concentrates are made from flash-frozen cannabis, starting material that has not been dried or cured.

Flash-freezing is how we best preserve the concentrate’s naturally occurring cannabinoids and high terpene content. This results in a truer representation of a strain’s characteristic flavors and effects, thus setting ‘live’ concentrates apart from the rest of the cannabis concentrate world.


A concentrate’s consistency can range from liquid to solid to anywhere in-between. Oftentimes, concentrates are named for their consistency.

For example, any concentrate with a wet, slushy, sappy consistency is called Sugar. With Diamonds, present terpenes act as a natural solvent, causing the cannabinoids to isolate over time, resulting in a crystalline, gem-like structure. Concentrates that are easy to break apart between your fingers—like a cookie—are known as Crumble. Shatter is glass-like and will break if dropped!

Oil Day is also known as Dab Day.

Many cannabis concentrates, like those listed above, are administered through dabbing. This is why some people alternately refer to 7/10 as “Dab Day.” To dab, you need to heat a cannabis concentrate to its melting point. This happens on an already-hot surface to ensure the material doesn’t stick. The resulting vapor is inhaled, most often through a dab rig, which looks a lot like a short water bong that’s fitted with a nail instead of a bowl.

While dabbing does mean that you can enjoy (much) higher percentages of cannabinoids -like THC- it doesn’t equate to recklessness like the stigmas suggest. A fast-acting and highly potent dose means swift, effective relief for patients who need it, and an especially elevated experience for those who recreate responsibly.

While Dab Day is a lovely alliteration, “Oil Day” is inclusive of all concentrates—and the numerous ways to enjoy them.

How a concentrate is consumed depends on the type it is. Since there are an incredible number of cannabis concentrates on the market, let’s look at some of the most popular oils to explore:

Rick Simpson Oil

Method of delivery: Dabbing, sublingual, oral.

*Vape-friendly formats—albeit rare—are available (see asterisk below)! When in doubt, ALWAYS consult an associate for administration education.

RSO” stands for “Rick Simpson Oil,” named after the longtime cannabis grower and advocate who fine-tuned a particular extraction process to yield cannabis oil with an extremely high THC percentage. RSO is rich, dark, purposely unrefined oil; it offers the complete range of compounds naturally found in cannabis.

Because RSO delivers THC in its activated form, it can be applied to food or beverage or consumed directly. In other words, it’s ready to go! RSO is packaged in a variety of ways. We offer Curaleaf RSO in a simple-to-use syringe for ease of dispensing.

*Unlike typical RSO, Grassroots RSO uses a special hydrocarbon extraction process that expands its already versatile usage to include vaporization (whereas typical RSO CANNOT be vaped). The resulting oil is uniquely light in color, and heavy in strength.

Live Resin Oil

Method of delivery: Dependent on product.

Concentrates with thicker consistencies are often dabbed. Live Resin Oil is readily available in cartridges for vaping.

Live Resin offerings showcase the incredible diversity of compounds present in the cannabis plant. As noted above, this is achieved by flash-freezing fresh cannabis flower to retain the strain’s natural aromas and flavor prior to extraction. Live resin comes in a variety of textures and consistencies, like Select’s newly released Live Resin Sugar and Live Resin Diamonds (currently available in CA, NV, AZ, MA and FL).

Distillate Oil

Method of delivery: Vape

The distillation process strips away terpenes, fats, lipids to leave behind the oil’s cannabinoid compounds and little else; it’s delightfully pure! As flavor is a crucial component of the cannabis experience, terpenes are often introduced back into the final product in a variety of ways.

As Select is known for its best-selling distillate oil, there are a variety of vape options available to meet a whole host of preferences.

For those with a good deal of cannabis experience, Select Elite and Select Elite Live cartridges are popular, high-potency choices that offer a fuss-free alternative to dabbing. The main difference? Elite Live is a Live Resin product.

For those who are new to concentrated products, Select Fresh and Select Essentials offer a lighter experience that’s big on flavor thanks to added botanical terpenes. Not to mention, the vape cartridge delivery is simple, convenient, long-lasting and cost-effective.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone. The world of cannabis is a LOT to take in, and we’re always here to help. Visit your local Curaleaf to take advantage of our 1-on-1 guidance, and you’ll see how cannabis with confidence can make all the difference!

For use only by adults 21 years of age and older. 18+ for medical states. Keep out of reach of children. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. Laws governing the legality, availability and use of marijuana vary by state. CDPH-10001355, 404R-00025. AMS 351. Devine Desert Healing Inc. A/U: 00000026ESRZ88769978.