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Get the scoop on the new flavor, fresh look & more.

It’s been just over a year since we introduced New York cannabis patients to CuraChews.

If you live in New York, you know this medical cannabis program has some of the strictest regulations in the country. That said, launching the state’s first chewable gel was no simple task! So, when the long-awaited day came, our hunch was right; New Yorkers were delighted to have a palatable, chewable option on their cannabis menu. Orange and Lemon CuraChews were an instant hit!

At 5mg THC per piece, Chews offer a consistent, convenient, flavorful dose. While having two flavor options was great, we said, “You know what would be better? Three!”

Chew in Cherry

When it comes to medication, we understand the importance of variety and do our very best to offer as many options as possible! Because New York State requires the exclusive use of United States Pharmacopeia [USP] certified ingredients when producing cannabis products, we can only offer USP certified flavors. This currently includes Lemon, Orange, Cherry and… that's it! Our trio stops there.

…Or does it?

Turns out, there’s some hope on the horizon. Word has it that additional flavor options are coming.🤞 If and when they become approved, you can be sure Curaleaf will jump at the chance to bring you something new.

Until then, enjoy your Chews in the latest taste: Cherry. (It truly is a great flavor!)


The Dose You Love, Improved

With the launch of this new flavor came a perfect opportunity to make some additional updates to the full CuraChews lineup. You can expect to experience the following improvements immediately:

The Chew Is Bigger (The Dose Is Not!)

If you’ve previously consumed Chews, you’ll notice that each chew is now slightly bigger in size. We’ve increased each piece from 2.5 grams to 3 grams, while the dosage remains the same: 5mg THC. As a result of this adjustment, you’ll taste more of the fruit and less of the cannabis.

Firmer than Before

After several months of Chews production, we chose to update two of the ingredients in support of longer-lasting freshness and a better texture. The result is an improved, firmer consistency which is easily halved for micro-dosing.

Preferrable Packaging

The most noticeable change of all? The packaging! Patients have responded so positively to our pouch-style packaging that we decided to switch the Chews from the original jar to a resealable, child-resistant pouch. We’re big fans of this swap, and we think you will be, too.

Find CuraChews at Any Curaleaf New York Dispensary! Visit your closest Curaleaf New York to order your CuraChews today.

Not in the Empire State?

As cannabis is regulated at the state level, CuraChews are only available in New York. However, we aim for an incredible cannabis variety in every state where we operate! Chances are, we’ve got a Chews-comparable product in your neck of the woods. Come on in and we’ll help you locate the perfect product to help you meet your cannabis goals with confidence.

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