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When entering the world of cannabis as a newbie, the plant itself seems exciting enough. But then, when you learn about all the different strains you can try—it’s mind blowing!’s strain explorer is a popular way to research the thousands of options at hand; they have over 3100 strains cataloged. But, where does a person begin?

Well if you’re planning to visit a Curaleaf dispensary, chances are good you’ll run into one of our most popular strains. So, let’s highlight five patient favorites:

Blue Dream

THE most searched for strain online. Blue Dream has an excellent reputation, and thousands of reviews to back it up. What makes it so great? For one, it’s an Indica-Sativa hybrid, meaning that it’s got the potential to stimulate you and relax you, all in one impressive bud. There are oodles of hybrids out there, but Blue Dream seems to take the cake on offering a lovely balance that skews stimulant.

The Indica lineage of Blue Dream is from the ever-popular and prolific Blueberry strain, hence the “blue.” The dominant Sativa side is Haze; a.k.a. the “dream.” And, dreamy it is. Pros for this strain include an especially pleasant taste (as blueberry would suggest), and excellent versatility. Patients liken the Blue Dream experience to one of uplifting euphoria and happy relaxation; not a bad way to medicate. 

Flavor profile: Herbal, Pine, Peppery

Purple Urkle

It’s deep relaxation you’re after? Look no further than Purple Urkle. (Well, you can look much, much further… but the Urkle is a fantastic place to begin!) This Indica is a nighttime go-to for many people looking to drift into dreamland without delay.

Flavor profile: Herbal, Peppery, Pine

Super Silver Haze 

For an energy boost, Super Silver Haze definitely lives up to its Haze roots. Sativa-lovers say it’s a top choice for an all-around, long-lasting, feel-good vibe. Patients favor its affinity for melting away tension, and its tendency to stimulate the appetite.

Flavor profile: Peppery, Citrus, Floral

Sour Diesel

If you’re the type of person who enjoys that pungent smell when you’re filling the gas tank, Sour Diesel is your ultimate strain—at least, in terms of flavor! This is another patient favorite, with invigorating effects that encourage productivity and a positive outlook. Being sativa, Sour Diesel is generally for daytime use.

Flavor profile: Peppery, Citrus, Herbal

OG Kush

What “OG” actually stands for is debatable, but “original” would certainly make sense in terms of  the cannabis family tree. Child of Hindu Kush (a.k.a. Indica itself), OG Kush is no doubt one of the oldest strains on the block. Hence, it’s been crossed with many other strains to create some newer, yet equally well-loved varieties. 

Flavor profile: Earthy, Spicy, Floral

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, a slow-me-down, or something in-between, the five strains above are favorites for a reason.

Cannabis menus vary state-to-state, and by dispensary location. Find your local Curaleaf to view today’s selection. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to call the dispensary; menus change frequently, and new strains might be arriving in the near future!