(Canna)Buttercream Frosting

Relief is growing
On October 5th, New York State turned a corner in its campaign to get patients the medicine they need. The Office of Cannabis Management approved a raft of measures that made whole flower available to patients, allowed physicians to prescribe medical cannabis for unlimited qualifying conditions, and doubled the amount of supply per visit from 30 days to 60 days.

Let’s take a look at what this means.

Their buds, their way
For the first time in history, New Yorkers can legally buy high-quality whole flower. That means medical patients can get control over their entire bud, which opens up a wide range of options of how and when to use it. Whether it’s smoking, vaping, or using it to make concentrate or an edible, the choice is theirs.

Freedom to prescribe
Now, physicians can treat patients with cannabis at their own discretion. The new regulations include unlimited qualifying conditions, which means patients can get their medical card for any condition provided they get the prescription from their medical provider. Gone are the days when doctors had to choose from a list of conditions in order for them to get their medical cards. They can now prescribe cannabis for any condition they see fit, which potentially opens the program to all New Yorkers.

Longer-lasting supply
For patients that may struggle with mobility or live far from a Curaleaf dispensary, the new regulations are excellent news. They can now get a 60-day supply of medicine instead of 30 days. This is more convenient for existing patients who won’t need to go to the dispensary every month. They can now be more efficient and streamline their visits.

Even more benefits?
Yup! The golden goose is still giving. New provisions also include:

  • The $50 registration fee has been removed
  • Administration in caregiver facilities have been streamlined
  • Expansion of certifying providers will be ongoing

With these exciting new expansions of the NY medical cannabis program, we’re thrilled to be entering a new, better era for patients, physicians, and everyone in our state.