mason jar with cannabis

Do you keep your cannabis in a mason jar? Thought so!

You see, the good old glass jar is THE most popular vessel for protecting your stash. Given that it can offer air-tight storage when properly capped, it seems like a great choice for keeping your cannabis in tip-top shape. But, are there any downfalls to the mighty jar? Well, that depends….

Freshness factors

AIR — It may seem obvious, but it’s important to make sure the seal on your lid is doing its job. Check the rubber for cracks if it’s a hinged lid. Change the cap every so often if it’s a screw-top lid (the threads will begin to wear with use). Also— make sure you’re keeping that jar mostly full, for the more full it is, the less room for unwanted air! If you’ve got too much headspace, use a smaller jar.

LIGHT — Clear glass lets in light, and light can degrade your cannabis. You know this… and yet there’s a likelihood your jar could be absorbing unwanted sunlight right this minute! Switching to an amber glass mason jar will help keep the light low when your jar is out in the open. Of course, there are lots of options (both glass and non) that are completely opaque.

HUMIDITY — Humidity control is another factor at play when it comes to storage. You’ve probably heard of Boveda packs, which can be popped into any storage vessel to regulate optimal humidity. It’s a little cumbersome to add an element to your medication ritual, and the cost will eventually add up. But, people swear by these little preservation packets—especially those who live in dry, arid climates. Food for thought!

Playing it safe

Once freshness is covered, there’s still a lot to consider, storage-wise. We’re talking about being canna-responsible.

Who do you live with? Who are your typical guests? Heck, who are your atypical guests? Adults, teenagers, children and furry friends should all be taken into consideration, regardless of who frequents your home. Bottom line, it only takes one opportunity to slip up. If you purchase edibles, there’s even more at risk. That’s why so many lockable storage options exist. If you think, “Hmmm, perhaps I should move to a locking storage system…” the answer is automatically, “Yes! You should!”

Here are a few of our top choices for staying super-duper secure, in a variety of styles to suit your personal needs:


1. Hempiness Pouch

  • Case Style: Soft Shell
  • Lock Style: Combination Lock
  • Size: Large (10” x 8”)
  • Odor proof? Yes
  • Water proof? No
  • Crush-proof? No
  • Special Features: Carbon-lined, padded.


2. Bomber Case

  • Case Style: Soft Shell
  • Lock Style: Combination Lock
  • Size: Mid-range (9.5" x 4" x 3.5")
  • Odor proof? Yes (though reviews say not completely…)
  • Water proof? No
  • Crush-proof? No, but it’s firm and will provide glass protection.
  • Special Features: Padding is customizable “pick and pluck,” internal zipper pouch, comes in 5 colors.


3. Canniloq Containers

  • Case Style: Machined aluminium
  • Lock Style: 1/4 turn push-lock safety cap
  • Size: Small (1.67″ Inside Diameter x 3.3″ Tall)
  • Odor proof? Yes 
  • Water proof? Listed as “saltwater resistant.”
  • Crush-proof? Yes
  • Special Features: Indestructible! Child-resistant cap. Comes in 3 colors.


4. STR8Brand Case

  • Case Style: Hard Shell
  • Lock Style: Lockable. (Lock not included)
  • Size: Spacious (8.1" x 5.7" W x 3.1")
  • Odor proof? Yes
  • Water proof? Yes
  • Crush-proof? Yes
  • Special Features: Removable/customizable padding, 12 colors to choose from, multi-purpose.


In closing, if you’re love for the classic jar is steadfast, pop it in a lockable pouch or case to enjoy the best of both worlds. No matter what storage option you choose, don’t forget to keep your cannabis labeled (especially edibles)! Even if it’s locked, your case must be kept out of the reach of children. 

Cannabis laws vary state-by-state. Learn your local laws and restrictions, which may include storage requirements. Practicing these safety measures ensures a better cannabis experience for us all.

Show us how you keep it fresh!

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