Select fresh packaging

We’re excited to announce the launch of Select Fresh along with Select’s new Go battery.

Select Fresh was created to feature bold fruit flavors in order to appeal to consumers averse to the unflavored experience of vaped cannabis. Select Fresh features Select’s premium distillate oil, in a .3g cartridge, offering a consistently high-quality experience at an attractive price point.

Select Fresh is paired with Select’s new rechargeable Go battery, an innovation designed to combat disposable battery waste while maintaining the sleek, slim nature of a disposable.

Together, Select Fresh and the Go battery offer customers a flavorful, fruit-forward experience in a pocketable, less wasteful format. Now that’s better.


Available strains (may vary from state-to-state):

  • Indica: Watermelon, Purple Punch, Forbidden Fruit, Grape Ape
  • Hybrid: Berry Gelato, Blueberry Cookies, Pineapple Express, Sherbet
  • Sativa: Strawberry Cough, Clementine, Lemon Cake, Super Lemon Haze

Select Fresh and the Go battery are now available in OK. They are coming to AZ, CT, MD, NV, and ME by mid-March, CA by the end of March, and to CO, FL, and MA in April.

For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older. Keep out of reach of children. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. CDPH - 10001355