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Responsible use is always an important topic in the cannabis community. That responsibility typically means taking care to follow your local laws, respect limitations, and medicate with consideration to those around you.

Today, we find ourselves in a new age of responsibility, where maintaining our own health is crucial to preserving the health of others. It’s a lot to shoulder. But knowledge is power, friends! So, let’s review what we KNOW we can do to responsibly consume cannabis amid the COVID pandemic.

1) Puff, puff, don’t pass.

Because sharing cannabis is such a large part of the culture, it might feel unnatural not to circle up when you medicate. But we all know it’s time to hit pause on those social norms for now. If you’re practicing social distancing, chances are you’re not passing any pipes, pens or pre-rolls. But if you share a home with others, don’t assume it won’t make a difference to share accessories, too.  Using your own pieces—and keeping them clean—is the way to go. 90% isopropyl alcohol is an affordable, accessible disinfectant that’s appropriate to use on any material in your collection (glass, plastic, metal, etc.).

2) Consider alternatives to smoking or vaping.

Let’s hope you DON’T get sick... but just in case, you’ll want medication options that don’t require inhalation. Now is a good time to get familiar with edibles. Our Cura-chews (or something similar if they’re not available near you) are a great option! Or, if you enjoy cooking, here's the perfect chance to try your hand at DIY cannabutter, which can be enjoyed on fresh bread, incorporated into a simple frosting, baked into brownies and/or cookies… there are endless uses! Feeling adventurous? Try making your own infused gummies:

3) Know your cannabis source

The regulated market comes with large advantages. You know what is and isn’t in your cannabis product, and 3rd party lab-testing can prove it. Unregulated cannabis, on the other hand, can contain any number of immune suppressing pesticides, molds or toxins.

If you’re familiar with Curaleaf, you know how much we believe in cannabis with confidence. Our seed-to-store model means we have complete control, start to finish, on how your cannabis is grown, harvested, cured, extracted, processed, sold, you name it! No surprises here.  As dispensaries work to minimize the risk of exposure, please take advantage of online ordering, delivery and curb-side pickup options when available. Things continue to change rapidly and wait times have increased in some stores as a result. We know this is frustrating, and we’re doing all we can to normalize your shopping experience. Thank you for your patience; it means a lot!

4) Stick to your regimen

Between the stress of the situation, more time at home, and the boredom that results from endless days inside, you don’t want to accidentally over-medicate OR over-spend! Keeping your schedule as close to normal as possible will help you manage your cannabis resources, and your budget.

5) Take care of yourself

We’re all glued to the media as we watch the Covid-19 pandemic unfold, and it’s taking a toll on our physical and mental health. Considering how important it is to stay healthy, it’s a bit ironic, don’t you think?

Right now, you’re probably hunched at your computer or looking down at your phone as you read this. When was the last time you stretched your neck? Look up to the sky, down to the ground, to the left, and to the right. If you identify any tension, it’s time to get up, stretch out and take a break. It's just one of the many things you can do to focus on wellness right now.

We hope this list serves as a helpful reminder on the ways you can help to control the coronavirus situation. For complete information on how Curaleaf is working to meet your cannabis needs during the Covid-19 pandemic, visit