Cannabis Flower

Question: Can you really get Ground Flower in New York?

Answer: YES!

NY state regulations do not permit the sale of whole flower. However, our Ground Flower Pods, and now, Ground Flower Refills are available. New York patients are simply cheering over this addition to their state’s product selection, and we couldn’t be more excited to offer it. Why? There are multiple reasons…

Reason #1: Patient Variety

At Curaleaf, we take great pride in matching the right products with the right people. We simply can’t do our job without having an extensive array of options. Visit any of our four NY dispensaries—in the Hudson Valley, North Country, Queens and on Long Island—and you’ll see that we’ve taken the need for variety to heart.

Today, New Yorkers find Curaleaf to have the biggest and best selection of cannabis products in the entire state. We've got multiple methods of administration available to meet a diverse set of needs and budgets. This is largely possible due to our deep commitment to product development. 2020 has just begun. Yet here we are, launching our third new product in NY this year!

Our fast-acting, potent and cost-friendly premium slim vape pens came first. Next, convenient and consistent CuraChews made their debut as the first-ever chewable cannabis gel to hit New York. “Why stop there?” we said. We can’t offer our lovingly grown, freshly cured flower as in-tact buds… but we can offer it pre-ground and vaporizer-ready.

Reason #2: Patient Demand

Curaleaf Ground Flower Refills, designed for use with a vaporizer, contain all-natural cannabis flower and plant terpenes.  Each refill contains 3.5g of cured cannabis flower in a 20:1 THC:CBD ratio. As Inhalation is the fastest-acting route of administration, vaporization continues to be the most popular choice for our patients. Many patients will tell you, there’s just no substitution for a terpene-rich, whole plant option.

We chose to offer these refills at 20% “regular” potency (700mg active cannabinoids) and 30% “extra strength” potency (900mg active cannabinoids). In terms of available strains, cannabis isn’t one-size-fits-all! So yes, you can choose from Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

Reason #3: Patient Accessibility

Without another option, cannabis consumers may continue to meet their needs through the unregulated market. In other words, they may purchase whole flower from an unknown, untested source. By offering Ground Flower Refills to patients, we’re meeting a need that previously couldn’t be met in New York’s regulated market. It’s hand-grown, hand-trimmed, hand-packed, and handled with care—from seed to store! No surprises. Today, the benefits of medical-grade, regulated cannabis are perhaps more illuminated than ever for patients who prefer inhalation as an administration method. (And if you’re avoiding inhalation right now, we have tinctures, micro-tablets, capsules and chews!)

But are the dispensaries even open?  As a medical cannabis provider, Curaleaf is designated as an essential business and will remain open for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic. To minimize health risks, we proudly offer both online and call-ahead ordering, with curbside pickup. This safer alternative to in-store shopping is available to all patients and caregivers.

Reason #4: Patient Proof!

We can talk about the perks of our Ground Flower Refills all day long… but a patient can tell you best! We connected with Thomas, a Curaleaf NY patient (and huge cannabis advocate!) for his feedback on our Ground Flower Refills…

"As a medical cannabis patient in New York, I definitely appreciate having access to the Curaleaf ground flower pods and refills. They're one of the only whole plant options in our program. I love that I can consistently rely on the ground flower I buy from Curaleaf to have a vibrant terpene profile and minimal stems, making it quick and easy to load my vaporizer pods and medicate. Having access to tested, reliable and fast-acting flower products is an important aspect of any medical cannabis program."

Oh, and if you still need a vaporizer…

To complement our Ground Flower Refills, all Curaleaf NY dispensaries are offering a notable deal on our Tabletop Vaporizer—for $250. That might seem like a high price tag at first, yet comparable vaporizers tend to run between $500 and $750.  For details, select your dispensary location: Curaleaf Carle Place, Curaleaf Hudson Valley, Curaleaf Plattsburgh or Curaleaf Queens. Now is a better time than ever to enjoy the benefits of our regulated market, which ensures you know exactly what you’re getting. That’s cannabis with confidence!

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