We’re thrilled to announce that Grassroots, a premium flower brand in the Curaleaf fam, is now in Nevada! You’ll be able to find Grassroots products in each of our dispensaries across the state.​

Read below to get to know them!​

Hey everyone, we’re Grassroots! ​

Beginning in Illinois in 2014, we sought to perfect the art and science of cannabis cultivation (with the help of mother nature’s magic, of course!). Our attention to detail and commitment to craft permeates our entire grow and extraction process. We can confidently say that you can smell, taste, and feel the difference, and we can’t wait for you to try our products. ​

We’re all about those good genes. The amazing cannabis plant is so nuanced, and we pride ourselves on providing unique strains with diverse terpene profiles. With our large strain library, you can find the strains you love and discover new ones you will love! ​

From deliciously earthy indicas to tangy citrusy sativas to all the funky sweet n’ sours in between, there’s a Grassroots strain for every palate.​

We can’t wait to meet you, NV! ​

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