Curaleaf Nano Drops

Introducing fast-acting NANO cannabis drops

Many people enjoy the ritual that comes with cannabis; it’s about the experience as much as the effect. Others just want the relief. Fast!

If you’re the latter, NANO Drops may be just the product for you.

First, the “Nano”

If you haven’t encountered a NANO product before, you’ll naturally have questions! Here’s the deal:

Nano means tiny. Really, really tiny. It’s also shorthand for nanomolecular technology. Using this nano-tech, we’re able to create a cannabis drop that contains incredibly tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids. This is key, because it means that you don’t have to wait for your cannabis to digest before it starts working. NANO products also make the cannabinoids more bio-available within the body, leading to more efficient absorption and more consistent effects.

What’s more, without digestion at play, NANO Drops produce an effect that feels more like smoking or vaping… without any smoke or vape! You can see why NANO products are a game changer for inhalation alternatives

Next, the “Drops”

The sheer fact that cannabis can be delivered sublingually is still a novelty for many. The great thing about this dropper-administered product—beyond the NANO speed—is the incredible control you have over your dosage. This drop-by-drop control lets you enjoy more consistent results

Dosage details

Each 30 mL bottle contains 150mg of THC, while the included dropper dispenses a 5mg (1mL) serving.

As you’ve heard us say before, cannabis isn’t one size fits all, so we recommend that you start low and go slow to find the perfect amount for you. Although this is a fast-acting product, please allow up to 90 minutes to feel the full effects before consuming more.

Add a little flavor (or not!)

If it’s flavorful enjoyment you’re after, Grapefruit or Lime Nano Drops add the bright taste of citrus to your medication routine. Prefer a more traditional taste? We offer Unflavored just for you!

Fast, clear relief!

Ready to see if fast-acting NANO Drops are right for your needs? You’ll find them at all 31 of our Curaleaf Florida dispensary locations.

Contact your local Curaleaf for availability today!