Sheet of new Curaleaf NANO Gummies, Cherry Flavored!

Want to ease into cannabis-infused edibles? NANO gummies may be the way to do it.

Are you intrigued by edibles, but hesitant to try them? Or are you looking to revisit edibles after an uncomfortable experience in the past? That’s the funny thing about edibles; the effect they produce just feels… different. Why is that? THC is THC, right? Not quite!

THC: the shapeshifter

Cannabinoids—like THC—are oil-soluble, while our blood is mostly water. They don’t mix. When you smoke or vape cannabis, the THC immediately looks for somewhere else to go. Enter: your endocannabinoid system! It’s full of receptors—located all over the body—that are ready and waiting to receive those cannabinoids. When they do, you feel the effects.

With a traditional edible, however, the cannabinoids are essentially protected by the food around them. So, all the THC stays safely within the edible until you begin to digest it. It can take up to two hours before your endocannabinoid system recognizes what’s happening.

But wait, there’s more…

During the digestion process, the THC molecules filter through the liver, where they are converted from their initial structure—known as Delta 9 THC—to a NEW structure, referred to as 11 Hydroxy THC. Because 11 Hydroxy THC has the tendency to produce stronger effects than it’s Delta 9 counterpart, once that edible is finally digested, it can kick in quite hard.

So, in short, edibles take their time. When they do begin to work, the psychologic effects can be notably stronger than if you were to inhale cannabis smoke or vape.

NANO Tech to the rescue!

Many people are keen on inhalation alternatives but aren’t so thrilled about the nuances of edibles. Our new NANO gummies* offer the best of both worlds! They’re the perfect way to ease into the edible experience! What’s so different about a NANO gummy? Great question. Here’s how they work:

“NANO” means reeeeeally small; it’s also shorthand for nanomolecular technology. Using this technology, we've infused our gummies with incredibly tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids. As you know from your THC lesson above, water solubility means fast absorption. The THC in NANO gummies will reach the brain before your digestive system gets too deeply involved.

Fast and familiar

60 to 90 minutes is the average reported time that it takes a person to “feel” a traditional cannabis gummy. Then, it’s another 90-120 minutes before those effects peak. Compare this to a NANO gummy’s 15 to 45-minute onset and 45 to 60-minute peak time, and you’ll see that this gummy lives up to its “Fast Acting” label.

Since digestion is out of the equation with NANO gummies, so is the THC conversion to 11 Hydroxy THC. This means you get to enjoy the familiar experience of vaping or smoking… without the vape or smoke! NANO technology also enables a higher bioavailability of the cannabinoids, allowing more efficient absorption, and producing more consistent effects.

NANO Gummies from Curaleaf!

Give me the details

Each NANO gummy provides 5mg dose of THC. Looking for less? These gummies are easy to halve, and their consistent potency makes it easy to enable a precise micro-dose regimen.

NANO gummies are offered in a tasty Tart Cherry flavor. Because NANO tech can bring out a bit of bitterness, we’ve countered that tang with a sweet sugar coating. Each bottle contains 20 pieces for a total of 100mg THC.

Edibles, with ease!

If you think you’d appreciate the reliability, consistency and familiarity that NANO gummies provide, contact your local Curaleaf for availability.

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*This product only allowed in some states.