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We’re committed to bringing you better.

At Curaleaf, our “seed-to-store” model is a unique aspect of what we do. By handling your cannabis at every touchpoint, we’re able to offer you exceptional products, with complete confidence. We grow it, process it, formulate it, and distribute it. All so you know exactly what to expect from it. We are incredibly proud of that.

We also know selection is important to you. You need options, and we aim to be your cannabis destination. That’s exactly why we’ve brought a new brand to town. Say hello to Select.Better.

Born to be Better

When it comes to high standards, Select doesn’t just meet them–they beat them. That’s why they’re the #1 selling cannabis oil brand in America. Select products have been rolling out in our New England dispensaries over the past 6 months. Finally, it’s New York’s turn to enjoy Select, too.

With Select’s New York debut comes the perfect opportunity to explore Select Elite Live. It’s not resin. It’s not live resin. It’s enhanced live resin. Here’s why that distinction is important:

A resin above the rest

With cannabis, resin is where all the good stuff is. The cannabinoids, the terpenes… basically, everything you love about the cannabis experience is found within the plant’s resinous glands, which is why cannabis brands go through great lengths to extract it.

Conventional terpene extraction methods require the flower to be preliminarily “dried down.” Thanks to technology, we’ve found a way to flash-freeze flower prior to extraction, essentially “stopping time” and preserving all of the floral and biological goodness in its live state. Best of all, live terpene extraction is solventless, meaning happens without the use of unwanted chemicals.

Select’s Enhanced Live Resin: an amazing flower alternative.

With Select Elite Live, that live terpene extraction process goes one step further. This product combines the Solventless Terpene Extract, or “STE” of fresh flower with high-THC oil to bring you a more robust flavor profile and boosted, whole-plant effect. Aside from flower, this is the closest a patient can get to the complete, true-to-nature cannabis experience!

If you're looking for the ease of oil, with the feeling of flower, Select Elite Live is sure to become your new favorite. Utilizing fresh seasonal flower from the best cultivars and unique strains, you’ll find Elite Live in a variety of Sativa, Indica and Hybrid options, all highly potent with heightened aromatics. Whichever strain you choose, it'll boast the full flavor of its natural terpene profile to provide strain-specific effects.

Blog Body Elite Live 600x600 Select Elite Live cartridges are offered in a .5g size.

Let’s give our new friends a warm welcome

We are thrilled to introduce Select to our New York patient community. Select Elite Live oil has officially launched in all Curaleaf NY dispensaries. Not in New York? Find your nearest Curaleaf to see if Select is available where you live!

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