Cannabis Gummies

Have you ever wanted to make your own cannabis-infused gummies at home? We’ve got a fantastic base recipe that you can customize to your preferred cannabinoid and flavor choices. If you’d like to watch the step-by-step process, check the video at the end of this post.

Here’s what to do:

1. In a 1 qt saucepan, combine the “gummy base” from one of the four variations below. (Do not add the cannabis yet… that step is coming!)

*Optional: Add a few drops of food coloring.

2. Whisk ingredients well until the gelatin “blooms.” (Blooming is when your gelatin has absorbed all added water and is fully activated!)

3. Add your cannabis concentrate, tincture or oil of choice. 

4. Add 1 t lecithin (soy or sunflower); this is your binding agent.

5. Whisk to thoroughly combine. * If you’re using cannaoil as your cannabis ingredient, stir in 2 T of corn syrup at this time… this will stabilize your gummies. (Cannaoil should also be room temperature when used. Otherwise, you might end up with clumps which could compromise the potency of each gummy.)

6. Let the mixture simmer on low heat for up to 2 minutes.

7. Pipe or pour into silicone molds; we like these simple square ones. You can also get fancy and opt for these fan leaf molds. We chose to stay away from anything too juvenile, as these are adult candies. Speaking of that… don’t forget to label your creations! “Contains Cannabis, 21+” is a good start. Keep these (and all cannabis) out of the reach of children. 

8. Let your gummies set at room temperature for 2+ hours. Gently ease them out of the molds… and enjoy responsibly! When stored in the fridge, your gummies will stay fresh for about three days.

While these four versions are tried and true, you can play with the flavors, colors and cannabis forms to make your own special gummy! (If you do, we’d love to see the results… be sure to tag us at @curaleaf.usa on instagram.)

Version 1: Watermelon Concentrate Gummies

Gummy base:

I c water 4 T granulated sugar 3 T gelatin 1/2 t watermelon flavoring

Suggested Cannabis: Your favorite concentrate 

Version 2: Strawberry-Lemonade Tincture Gummies (Sugar-free)

Gummy base:

1 c cold water 1/2 c (1 packet) strawberry flavored sugar-free gelatin (like Jello) 1 oz unflavored gelatin

Suggested Cannabis: 4 T (a whole bottle) of lemon-flavored cannabis tincture.

Version 3: Grape Distillate Gummies

Gummy base:

I c 100% unsweetened grape juice 2 T granulated sugar 3 T gelatin 

Suggested Cannabis: 4 ml of the distillate of your choice. (Or, adjust the amount according to your preference.)

Version 4: Blueberry Coconut Cannaoil Gummies

Gummy base:

I c  blueberry juice 2 T granulated sugar 4 T gelatin (flavored or unflavored… your choice!)

Suggested cannabis: Add 1/4 c cannabis-infused coconut oil (take note of special instructions for cannaoil in step #5 above!)