Adult Use is about to Flourish in the Garden State!

This is an exciting time for cannabis in New Jersey! With adult use on its way, we’re sure many of you are wondering what will happen with our successful medical program that has helped so many patients in recent years.

The great news is that things are about to improve for both patients who need their medicine and adults who want to buy cannabis recreationally. Here is what you can expect:

Medical patients will enjoy…

  • More discounts and promotions
  • No state tax or regulatory excise fee—just a possible local 2% excise tax
  • Inclusion in the “essential service” category
  • A certain number of higher-potency strains reserved for them each day
  • Reciprocity in other states
  • Caregiver assistance
  • Exclusive access to a dispensary’s products and services

Adult Use customers will be…

  • Able to buy at a dispensary if they’re 21 or older with a valid state-issued ID
  • Subject to a state tax, possible local 2% excise tax, and regulatory excise fee
  • Able to purchase and possess 1 ounce of cannabis or 5 grams of extract product per day

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