“The Holidays.” It’s a phrase that conjures up so many different emotions. Joyous, cozy, warm, merry, lively, enchanting ... good stuff like that. Right? Hopefully!   

But for most of us, even if holiday time is a happy time, it can also be tiring, taxing, awkward, and flat-out stressful. Though just as it doesn’t take much to put you over the edge, sometimes it’s the small things that can also save the day. Here are six little tips to help you survive the hustle and get back into the spirit of the season: 

1) Classic self-care

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Why is it that self-care is always a reactive tactic? Don't wait ‘til you’re already burnt toast to give yourself the love you deserve. While that sounds easier said than done, implementing a PROACTIVE self-care ritual is completely possible!  The “MASH” routine has staying power, because it’s so simple. Meditate, get fresh Air, Stretch your body, and Hydrate. 

Using your online calendar, your smartphone or even your basic kitchen timer, set yourself an alarm to go off every few hours. This is your reminder to spend ten minutes to MASH. After just a day, you’ll realize the benefits of taking those few moments to take care of you.


2) Put a deposit in the Sleep Bank

(Comforter from

Sleep is restorative. It promotes a healthy body, brain and mood. So, when we don’t get enough sleep, it’s no surprise that the effects go in reverse. 

Come holiday time, our inflated to-do list tends to push sleep to the back burner even more frequently than usual. If there’s one thing you can do to curb stress, it’s to stick to a rigid bedtime schedule, and get at least 8 hours of shut-eye a night. Turn those screens off at least 30 minutes prior to hitting the pillow, too. It’ll help your mind relax. If not? There’s always indica... 


3) Travel smart

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Packing your bags for some holiday-inspired travel? If you consume cannabis regularly— and especially if you’re a medical cannabis patient—this can add a layer of complication! Before you leave your home state, consider the local laws of your destination. By planning ahead, you might save yourself a headache down the road... both figuratively AND literally! 


4) Discreet sweets

Medicated Chocolate Crème Truffles

You love cannabis, but maybe you’re not comfortable consuming it openly around your family quite yet. Edibles might be just the way to medicate. They’re easy to make and take, and options are limitless!  For a sweet, uplifting, homemade treat that goes beyond a classic brownie, try these adorable, tree-shaped canna-crispie treats, or these melt-in-your-mouth medicated chocolate creme truffles. Both are soooo delicious… please take care to enjoy responsibly!


5) Educate your relatives

cannabis culture shift book

Or, maybe it’s not you... it’s them. If you’re dealing with a family member (or three) that takes issue with your cannabis consumption, then “hello, tension!” Fortunately, that social stigma is on its way out. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a long while to see it over the threshold for good. Consider toting along a copy of Higher Etiquette, an easy read on the subject of cannabis in modern society. As the name suggests, the book focuses on every iota of proper etiquette surrounding cannabis use. However, it also provides a great overview of the cannabis landscape, from its past history to its present-day reputation. Sometimes the best way to help an antiquated viewpoint “get with the times” is to introduce a new resource for information.


6) Take time out

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When all else fails, curl up with your cannabis and watch your favorite holiday classic. (If you need inspiration, here’s our very own round-up of classic Christmas flicks not to miss!) Or, add some CBD bath salts to your tub, get hold of your favorite strain, and let your troubles melt away…

Actually... watch the movie AND take the bath. It’s the holidays after all!

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