It used to be that the only “pre-rolls” out there were the joints that your buddy was kind enough to roll for you. Now that patients (and recreational consumers in legal states) can walk into a dispensary and purchase cannabis in pre-rolled fashion, it begs the question: why?

Well, there are pros and cons. There are those of us who are skilled at rolling it up, and those of us who aren’t. Some people like the process, some don’t. Maybe you’re a DIY’er, and take pride in your perfect grind. Or, maybe you love the convenience-factor of smoke-ready cannabis, straight outta the package. Different strokes for different folks.

However, there’s still an area of gray. Many people would indeed love to get in on the simplicity of pre-rolls, but there’s a skepticism surrounding the option. Think of the days you had to dish out the cash for an album, and simply hope all the tracks were going to be good. With pre-rolls, it feels similar; you don’t truly know what’s inside the case ‘til you’ve experienced it for yourself. 

So before you find yourself with buyer’s remorse, here are three tips for making your preroll experience a positive one:

  1. Know your brand Trust is the name of the game here. Just as it’s true with the traditional market, your product is only as good as its source. We all know that there are many variables when it comes to plant-based medicine. Some of those variables are intentional, some are ruled by Mother Nature’s hand. At Curaleaf, we want you to have a consistent experience regardless. So, we take full advantage of the available technology to formulate and test our products, ensuring that each dose contains sufficient cannabinoids.
  2. Socialize with an associate Who better to consult than the person on the frontlines of customer feedback? Every dispensary is different, but from a personal standpoint, our associates exist to provide you with a positive, friendly environment. Solid product knowledge and excellent service are a good indicator that your pre-roll purchase will be of matched quality.
  3. Store thoughtfully As pre-rolls are popular with more casual cannabis consumers, they’re prone to aging. It’s important to keep those rolls dry, cool and air-tight, especially if they’re going to sit for a bit. There are many (many!) storage options available today. We love these aluminum storage tubes from Stashlogix, which are a great shape for keeping pre-rolls preserved. Cannailoq’s super secure and sustainable push-to-lock jars are another excellent choice for maintaining optimal freshness and offering a responsible way to store your stash.

A revolutionary hack

If you lack the skills, or dexterity (as some patients do) to roll your own, but want more control over what goes IN your roll… consider cones! The makers of RAW rolling papers have simplified the rolling process by sealing the seam for you. Simply grind and fill, funnel-style. You can find more on RAW cones here.


Pre-rolls for a cause

While we’re on the topic, it’d be a miss not to mention the special pre-rolls we’ve created in partnership with the Veterans Cannabis Project. For every pack sold, $1 will be donated to help improve veterans’ access to quality medical cannabis. Learn more about the program (and participating dispensaries) here.

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