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Every Curaleaf dispensary in New York is led by a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacists play an important role in the health and wellness of patients and caregivers. With pharmacists on-site, you have access to dedicated healthcare professionals who answer questions and guide you to medicine that best suits your needs.

Meet Kunal, Pharmd, RPh

Why did you want to be involved in medical cannabis?

As a retail pharmacist, I saw firsthand the effects opioids had on patients. Medical cannabis has been shown to be alternative to opioid medications with less side effects to the body. I wanted to be able to help patients come off their opioid medications and manage their pain in a safer way.

What impact have you seen medical cannabis make?

A veteran came to Curaleaf Queens seeking an alternative way to manage his pain. After a consultation, I recommended which products he should use. I followed up with him a few days later. He told me medical cannabis had alleviated his pain more than his opioid medication!  

What do you wish people knew about Curaleaf?

Curaleaf is dedicated to patient care. We’re here to help patients alleviate their symptoms, and our on-site pharmacist can address any medication-related question you have.

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