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Every Curaleaf dispensary in New York is led by a licensed pharmacist. Pharmacists play an important role in the health and wellness of patients and caregivers. With pharmacists on-site, you have access to dedicated healthcare professionals who answer questions and guide you to medicine that best suits your needs.

Meet Teena, PharmD

Why did you want to be involved in medical cannabis?

I became a pharmacist for one reason: To be an advocate for patients through compassion and empathy. I wanted to be involved with medical cannabis because I wanted provide compassion and hope for patients who feel like this is their last resort for relief. 

What impact have you seen medical cannabis make?

I remember consulting an elderly great-grandmother diagnosed with cancer who was undergoing chemotherapy. She came into the room defeated and with no hope, convinced that nothing would help her with her pain. Her exact words were: “This is my last resort. I’m on my last leg. I have my children flying in to see me next week to say their goodbyes.”  I listened to her concerns, and suggested she take a tincture. Two days later when I called to check up on her, she told me she felt fantastic and was happy for the first time. She was so thankful something finally worked.

What do you wish people knew about Curaleaf?

We are here to ease your fears and to educate patients about a natural, plant-based medicine. You are not alone.