Free Home Delivery with Purchase!

Starting May 1, 2019! Curaleaf Queens offers free home delivery with purchase patients and caregivers residing in Queens, Kings, and New York Counties. Sign up, today: here. We also invite you to stop by Curaleaf Queens or call us at 646-968-2872.

TINCTURES at Curaleaf Queens, Forest Hills, NY

Curaleaf Queens offers a variety of medical cannabis tinctures for sublingual (under the tongue) administration. Typical onset of effect is within 15 minutes and relief lasts for 6-8 hours. Tinctures deliver active cannabinoids in a manner that can be easily measured out with a pipette and added to beverages or food. Tinctures can also be applied topically along with other all natural oils and lotions. Curaleaf offers tinctures in many ratios of THC: CBD, including 20:1, 1:1, 1:20 and more.

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