Free Home Delivery with Purchase!

Starting May 1, 2019! Curaleaf Queens offers free home delivery with purchase patients and caregivers residing in Queens, Kings, and New York Counties. Sign up, today: here. We also invite you to stop by Curaleaf Queens or call us at 646-968-2872.

CAPSULES at Curaleaf Queens, Forest Hills, NY

Curaleaf Queens offers a variety of medical cannabis capsules. Oral administration offers an accurate way for patients to receive long-lasting effect with typical onset occurring around 2 hours and lasting 4 to 12 hours. Capsules deliver active cannabinoids in a manner that can be precisely administered by swallowing or dissolving into liquid beverages or food. Curaleaf offers capsules in many ratios of THC: CBD, including 20:1, 1:1, 1:20 and more.

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