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BOGO Item9 Cartridges (Includes Delta8) $25 5 Pack Pre-Rolls Select Special 3 for $75  500mg carts B3G1 Kindred Capsules 35% Off Curaleaf Hemp Products

Timeless Cartridge Special

(500mg) 1/$42 | 2/$50 | 3/$75 | 4/$95 | 5/$110

(1000mg) 1/$72 | 2/$85 | 3/$125 | 4/$165 | 5/$195

DRiP Cartridge Special   

(500MG) 1/$36 EA. 3 @ $30 EA. & 5 @ $25 EA. (1000MG) 1/$60 EA. 3 @ $44 EA. & 5 @ $36 EA.

You may experience high wait times at this time.  Thank you for your patience. *ALL sales are WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*   To Our Patients; As we navigate the changing course of the COVID19 situation, our commitment to meeting the needs of our patients and employees remains unwavering. Our Curaleaf dispensaries remain open, and we have been designated as an essential service, which means that we are able to continue to provide vital cannabis products. We are working hard each day to minimize risk during this critical time by working closely with local and state governments, implementing new procedures and policies at our dispensaries, and responding as quickly as possible to the evolving situation. Our previous commitments remain, with a new addition that our first operating hour of each day (8am-9am) is now prioritized for patients 60 years of age or older. We appreciate everyone's support and understanding of this additional preventive measure. SAVE SOME FOR EVERYONE Everyone has seen the pictures of empty shelves in this time of panic purchasing, and medical marijuana supplies are not immune to this type of shopping behavior. Since cannabis is a medical necessity for our patients, and we don’t want these uncertain times to affect our ability to provide quality medicine to patients when they need it, we will temporarily be reducing daily specials in an effort to discourage this type of mass purchasing. We may also place limits on the number of specific items each patient can purchase on an as-needed basis to ensure we have medicine for patients when they need it. We appreciate your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. We continue to strive to provide the best service and selection of medical cannabis to our Arizona MMJ Community every day. We’re here for you and we’re in this together. Stay well.

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