Curaleaf UKU CD CO2 - Zweet Inzanity | Hybrid (S)
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  • Our 500mg UKU Vape Cartridges are filled with CO2 extract and natural cannabis derived terpenes - nothing else! Available in a variety of strains, these cartridges are compatible with standard 5/10 thread batteries.

    CD Zweet Inzanity Required Ingredient List

    CBD-V mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBD-A mg/pkg: 2.0mg
    CBD-A mg/ser: 0.012mg
    CBD-A %/ser: 0.002%
    CBD-A %/pkg: 0.400%
    CBG-A mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBG mg/pkg: 7.0mg
    CBG-A %/pkg: 0.00%
    CBD-V %/pkg: 0.00%
    CBD-V mg/ser: 0.00mg
    CBG-A mg/ser: 0.00mg
    CBD-V %/ser: 0.00%
    CBG-A %/ser: 0.00%
    CBG mg/ser: 0.042mg
    CBG %/ser: 0.008%
    CBG %/pkg: 1.400%
    CBD mg/pkg: 1.0mg
    CBD mg/ser: 0.006mg
    CBD %/ser: 0.001%
    CBD %/pkg: 0.200%
    THC-V mg/pkg: 2.5mg
    THC-V mg/ser: 0.015mg
    THC-V %/ser: 0.003%
    THC-V %/pkg: 0.500%
    THCV-A mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBN mg/pkg: 4.5mg
    CBN mg/ser: 0.027mg
    CBN %/ser: 0.005%
    CBN %/pkg: 0.900%
    D9-THC mg/pkg: 392.5mg
    D9-THC mg/ser: 2.355mg
    D9-THC %/ser: 78.500%
    D8-THC mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBL mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBC mg/pkg: 6.5mg
    CBC mg/ser: 0.039mg
    CBC %/ser: 0.008%
    CBC %/pkg: 1.300%
    THC-A mg/pkg: 2.0mg
    THC-A mg/ser: 0.012mg
    THC-A %/ser: 0.002%
    THC-A %/pkg: 0.400%
    CBC-A mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    D8-THC %/pkg: 0.00%
    THCV-A %/ser: 0.00%
    CBL %/pkg: 0.00%
    CBC-A mg/ser: 0.00mg
    CBC-A %/pkg: 0.00%
    THCV-A mg/ser: 0.00mg
    D8-THC mg/ser: 0.00mg
    CBL mg/ser: 0.00mg
    CBC-A %/ser: 0.00%
    CBL %/ser: 0.00%
    D8-THC %/ser: 0.00%
    D9-THC %/pkg: 78.50%
    THCV-A %/pkg: 0.00%