CAC Chroma Dark Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans | 100mg
at Curaleaf MA Hanover

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  • 100mg total~5mg per~20 servings. Locally sourced Italian roast beans coated in Belgian dark chocolate consisting of 54.5% cocoa butter and chocolate liquor; Infused with distillate. Provided by Commonwealth Alternative Care.

    CBG mg/pkg: 0.22mg
    CBN mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBN mg/ser: 0.0mg
    CBN %/pkg: 0.0%
    CBN %/ser: 0.0%
    CBG mg/ser: 0.22mg
    CBG %/ser: 0.01%
    CBG %/pkg: 0.22%
    CBD mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBD mg/ser: 0.0mg
    CBD %/pkg: 0.0%
    CBD %/ser: 0.0%
    CBD-A mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    CBD-A mg/ser: 0.0mg
    CBD-A %/pkg: 0.0%
    CBD-A %/ser: 0.0%
    THC-A mg/pkg: 0.0mg
    THC-A mg/ser: 0.0mg
    THC-A %/pkg: 0.0%
    THC-A %/ser: 0.0%
    D9-THC mg/ser: 4.4mg
    D9-THC %/ser: 0.22%
    D9-THC mg/pkg: 88mg
    D9-THC %/pkg: 4.4%