Curaleaf THC Distillate-Indica-85%-0.5mL
at Curaleaf FL Lakeland

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  • Curaleaf distillate concentrates are made with pure medical cannabis and come in a glass syringe for convenient and easy dosing. The concentrates may be used for vaporization or be ingested. This is a high-potency 85% THC concentrate. Small amounts of concentrate contain substantially more cannabinoids than other cannabis products for maximum health benefits.

    The average dose for this product is 45mg, two times per day. Cost is based on average dosing for this product – 30-day supply is $216, a 50-day supply is $360, and a 70-day supply is $504. Patients must consult a certified physician to obtain the dose that works best based on their medical condition. 30, 50, 70-day supply cost is based on average doses and may not apply to all patients

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