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+ Self Care

Rarely do we make enough time for self-care.

We know it's important, but when was the last time you gave yourself some undivided attention? Why not let your inhibitions go and open your mind… Let’s see what happens when cannabis and wellness intersect!

Make space for wellness.

Before incorporating cannabis into your self-care regimen, let’s do a mental check in. Focusing on wellness, ask yourself:

  • How’s my headspace?
  • Where am I now?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • How does cannabis play a role?

Pull out a journal, and jot down your thoughts. Remember, there’s no wrong way to do this. Your answers may be clear. Or…. they made be muddy as heck. Wellness is a personal process, and exploration is the first step!

Ready… Set… Breathe.

Now that your conscious thoughts are down on paper, it’s time to invite your subconscious mind to a meeting! Whether you know exactly where you’re headed, or you feel a little lost, meditation is a great way to get your head in the game.

The key here is to let yourself breathe naturally and focus on each inhale and exhale. Thoughts will come and go. Let them! This practice is easier for some than others. Spend as little as ten minutes, or as much as an hour! You can do this on your own, or try an app like Headspace for a little guidance.

Set your compass and go!

With a clear, open mind, it’s time to choose your own self-care adventure. Here are a few resources to inspire your direction:


Cannabis is an incredible tool for creativity! Ways to awaken the muses:

  • Express yourself through color – all you need is an adult coloring book and a rainbow of pencils or markers.
  • Explore a new art medium with an online master course
  • Everyone’s a poet. Play with words, or just get them out! A writing prompt can help.


Center your mind and body in the comfort of your own home with a virtual canna-yoga session. Try out…


It’s okay to treat yourself. If you’re shopping for you, here are a few of our favorite choices for cannabis + self care…


Edible infusions take cannabis to a different level. These are some of our favorite healthful cannakitchen creations