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165,000+ people are medical cannabis patients at Curaleaf. Could you become one?

Because cannabis isn’t federally regulated, the prospect of becoming a certified card-carrying medical cannabis patient rests on the regulations for your home state, and how your personal needs fit into the puzzle. Let’s do a quick exploration to see if you’re eligible.

It Starts With You

Do you have a physical or mental health condition?

Do you believe cannabis could improve your quality of life in relation to this condition?

If you’ve answered YES to both questions, you’re a candidate for a medical cannabis card. But your eligibility isn’t a sealed deal yet.

Where You Live Matters

Do you live in a Curaleaf state with a medical cannabis program? Find out more about your state's regulations and qualifying conditions below.

If you meet your state’s qualification…

time to call the doctor!

Is your practitioner on board?

When implementing any wellness plan, your primary care provider is the first place to start. If he/she is already a registered physician with your state’s medical cannabis program AND they agree that cannabis has the potential to improve your quality of life… you’re golden. If your primary care provider is not prescribing, you can find a doctor who is. Find your state here for a list of doctors in your area.

When your card arrives….

Congratulations! You’re an official medical cannabis card carrier.

Here’s a little to-do list to celebrate:

  • Notify your PCP that your card has arrived.
  • Set up a 1 on 1 “new patient consultation” at your local Curaleaf.*
  • Prepare a list of questions to ask before you choose (and use) your first medical cannabis product.

*While this isn't required in every state, it's certainly beneficial!

Note that if you do opt to schedule a patient consultation with us, we'll provide a hefty amount of education. Still, preparing your own questions is a fantastic exercise to ready your mind for a very informative conversation.

Welcome to the Medical Cannabis Community!

Welcome to Cannabis with Confidence.

We are so excited to work WITH you to curate your own, one-of-a-kind cannabis experience.