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Dose It

Know your dose.

It's important to recognize that each of the various methods of administration comes with a different set of guidelines for dosing. Start low and go slow. More isn’t always better!

Remember: everyone is unique and cannabis affects each person in a different way. It’s easy to take more - but you can’t take less!

Stash It

Follow these storage tips for cannabis safety:

  • Store your cannabis in its original packaging to avoid any confusion on dosage and potency. In some states like NJ you are legally obligated to keep it in its original labeled packaging.
  • Keep all cannabis in a child-proof container, locked and out of sight of children and pets.
  • Like to cook with cannabis? Always label your infused edibles: Contains Cannabis, 21+.
  • Moisture and light are to cannabis as garlic is to a vampire! Keep your products dry, cool, and in the dark.

Here are some of our favorite picks for safe cannabis storage:

Cab It

Cannabis is not FDA approved, and it may have intoxicating effects. This means you should never consume cannabis before driving or operating heavy machinery. Instead, try:

  • Lyft, Uber or Taxi
  • Public transportation
  • Designated driver
  • Your own two feet

Point is, please play it safe; find another way home!

*Here’s a word from the CDC on what you should know about cannabis consumption and driving.

Because marijuana is not legal federally, it cannot, therefore, be transported across state lines under any circumstances.

Respect It

Cannabis law varies state-to-state, and you don’t need any surprises. Since it's your duty to know where and when you’re permitted to partake in the plant, keep tabs on your local laws and follow them.

When in doubt, just ask! Our staff is always ready to provide clarity on the laws and limits that pertain to cannabis patients, as well as those who enjoy cannabis for adult use.

For a state-by-state breakdown of laws and regulations for medical and adult-use consumption, Weedmaps is a great resource.

Teach It

Do you have a friend or family member that takes issue with your love of cannabis?

Sometimes the best way to help an antiquated viewpoint “get with the times” is to introduce a new resource for information. We like Higher Etiquette, by Lizzie Post.

Being a good teacher means leading by example. By consuming cannabis responsibly, you’ll be an automatic advocate for its legalization. The cannabis community thanks you!

During COVID-19

In addition to responsible use during typical times, please review these guidelines for being ultra-responsible during the pandemic.