Curaleaf Provincetown Team Poses in front of Tim-Scapes Mural

Tim-scapes New Mural Combines Cannabis, Creativity & Community in Provincetown

If you’ve been to Provincetown, Massachusetts, you know it’s as colorful as a city can get.

You can hardly walk a step without encountering an artist’s mark (or five). From the biggest installations to the tiniest touches of unique flair, P-town is an art town through and through—and our Curaleaf Provincetown store is right at the heart of it. We connect our community with the best cannabis possible—and witness its vibrant effect—on the daily.

That’s exactly why we had no excuse for the boring, bland, BLANK wall that lined our store’s entrance walkway. A blank wall in P-town? At the very dispensary so committed to the creative power of cannabis? We had to do something to turn bland into grand… and fast!

Blank Canvas Before Installation

As you could guess, we didn’t have to go far to find an artist to help (a tenth of a mile, to be precise). Meet our neighbor, Tim Convery. He’s the creator of Tim-Scapes, an expansive line of artwork and apparel, inspired by the unlikely combination of travel and… duct tape!?

Provincetown Pilgrim Monument

When you first see Tim’s work, you might not immediately think duct tape. But once it’s pointed out, the connection is unmistakable. Using a self-created font he’s dubbed “Duct Type,” Tim artfully renders abbreviated text, which is paired with relevant imagery to create iconic representations of famous locations around the world.

"I wanted to create a fun and colorful space for people as they waited in line for the Curaleaf store, so I designed over-sized stickers of P-town characters to give customers a taste of P-Town."

Tim Convery, Tim-Scapes

When discussing Tim’s approach to our mural, he explained, "I wanted to create a fun and colorful space for people as they waited in line for the Curaleaf store, so I designed over-sized stickers of P-town characters to give customers a taste of P-Town."

These stickers utilize the coastal and architectural iconography so closely associated with his funky, fun-loving, prideful seaside city. Note that the seagull carries a leaf and the owl’s eyes are open a bit wider— small nods to the plant at hand.

Tim sees stickers as a form of “suburban graffiti,” covering everything from cars to laptops. “It’s like taking street stuff, and making it palatable for all,” he says. Drawn to the animation of everyday things, Tim’s gallery is a place where “everybody’s welcome, but you have to use your head.” His work appeals to different people in different ways. It’s silly, scary, artsy, funny… and none of those opinions are wrong.

Now that cannabis is legal in Massachusetts, Tim sees this notion of welcomeness to prove quite similar in our dispensary, where adults can explore cannabis without expectations or judgment. This connection is the reason Tim was excited to collaborate with us, the first cannabis store in P-Town!

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Why stop with the wall?

Our Curaleaf logo also got the Tim-scape treatment. We are truly proud to support the local arts and put a spotlight on Tim’s work—and we think we look pretty great in our designer tees, too.


We hope you’ll come and visit us the next (or first!) time you come to Provincetown. Take a selfie in front of our mural… pick up some premium Curaleaf-grown flower, a Select Elite Oil Vape, or perhaps a Nano Gummy edible. When you do, be sure to say “Hey!” to Tim along the way.

And yes, Tim’s our neighbor… but with online ordering, you can enjoy a Tim-scape wherever you live! The same can’t be said for cannabis… yet. Here’s hoping! 🤞

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