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Valentine’s Day—do you love it or loathe it? Regardless of how you feel about this heart-riddled holiday, we feel it’s a perfect time to show yourself some special treatment. If your self-care standard could use a lift, why not be your own valentine and take some time for YOU? 

Curaleaf offers many cannabis options to take your self-care practice up a notch. One cannabis-related option you may not automatically consider is… 

CO2 Oil

CO2 Oil gets its namesake from its unique extraction process, which uses CO2 as a solvent. It’s noted for being a highly pure and exceptionally clean oil, and it offers easy way to integrate cannabis into your wellness practice… 

Have you ever considered using CO2 oil topically?

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If you seek inhalation alternatives when medicating with cannabis, topical delivery is relatively new territory. In addition to moisturizing and softening your skin, some say that using THC topically can enhance the relaxation experience.

Infuse your bath!

Another wonderful way to melt away the day: The classic warm bath. Preface your CO2 massage with a soak to cleanse your pores. Or try this DIY recipe for a bath bomb—adding CO2 Oil into your recipe is completely optional!

RECIPE: DIY Bath Bombs for Self-Love

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Makes 4-6 bath bombs (depending on the size of the mold used)

What you’ll need:


  • A bath bomb mold—Use ice cube trays, empty yogurt cups, muffin tins, candy molds… basically anything that’s flexible enough to allow you to “pop” out your bomb! (Should you want to go pro, most craft stores sell molds intended specifically for bath bomb creation.) 
  • Glass jar with lid 
  • Big bowl (for mixing) 
  • One sheet of wax paper

What to do:

  1. Mix your measured baking soda, Epsom salt and cornstarch in the large bowl. 
  2. Pour water, essential oil, carrier oil and optional CO2 oil into the jar. Tighten the lid and shake it up! 
  3. Once the liquid ingredients are combined, open the jar and add your optional colors and/or botanicals. Shake again until evenly distributed.  
  4. Pour the contents of the jar into the bowl and mix with the existing dry ingredients. Kneading with your hands will help to thoroughly combine.  
  5. Add the citric acid and watch for fizz! Fun. A crumbly mixture is expected at this point. 
  6. Pack your chosen molds with the mixture; the tighter, the better! Try using a spoon or the bottom of a glass to help.  
  7. Immediately (and gently) remove the bombs from their molds onto wax paper to dry. 
  8. Let the bombs sit for 1-2 days. They should be completely dry before use. 

To enjoy:

Simply add one bath bomb to your tub under warm, running water. Delight in the fizz, aromas and new sensations! Rinse off when your bath is complete to avoid any residue. Those with sensitive skin should approach this recipe and the resulting product with caution.

We hope you take time for a little self-love this Valentine’s Day—and beyond! If you have more questions about CO2 oil—or any other cannabis-related needs—your local Curaleaf will be happy to assist you!  


Disclaimer: The use of cannabis varies by state regulations.