Why is it that Dads can be so hard to shop for?

If you’re feeling the same, no worries! We’ve got you covered with a selection of cannabis-enthusiast gift picks, ranging from practical to punny, and catering to a variety of budgets.

Let’s take a look at what the Dad in your life wants, needs and likes, and go from there.

For Dads who need a wardrobe refresh…

…which, let’s be honest, is about 80% of all dads.

Perhaps that’s why shirts and ties are such popular gifts. This Cannabis Illustration Tee comes in 6 colors, and is claimed to be as pleasant to wear as it is to look at.

Etsy.com, $20


If your dad needs something a bit more polished, this button down tee is the ticket. It also comes in black.

Molokaisurf.com, $27.99

*Bonus: If you’re tight on time, these shirts can be snagged on Amazon Prime, too!



For Dads who take good care of their things…

…including their cannabis.

Airtight, impenetrable by light, and humidity controlled; the CVault lives up to its name.
This is a perfect storage container if Dad wants fresh herb for days. (And days, and days, and days…)

Boveda.com, 4 sizes, starting at $19.99



For Dads who like to experiment in the kitchen…

…infuse this!

We think these botanical syrups would perfectly compliment dad’s next tincture-infused cocktail or mocktail.
Sumac-chili-lime, lime-jalapeno, rosemary-grapefruit… if Dad won’t use these, might we suggest ordering them for your next 420 party?

UncommonGoods.com, $45 per set of 3



Speaking of infusions…

…If Dad’s been binge watching Bong Appetité, you might considering going in with the family and splurging for this canna-kitchen must-have, the Nova. Just a push of a button is (basically) all it takes to decarboxylate your cannabis flower, making it edible-ready. Then, using the custom sleeve, you can infuse your THC activated herb into the butter or oil of your choice.  The Nova is quiet, odorless(!) and effective for making strain-specific edible infusions at any desired potency.

Ardentcannabis.com, $230



For Dads who like golfing…

…and gag-gifts.

Toke the tee, store your stash in the ball. It doesn’t get more golfy than that.
(Just be sure to keep this ball off the course, or else the gator in the waterhole might be all smiles by 4:20!)

This exclusive set is made in the USA.

Puffingtons.com, $15



For gadget-loving Dads…

…who are always prepared.

The “Nuggy” has been called the swiss army knife for smokers, and you can see why Made of heat-resistant aluminum oxide, it houses all the cannabis smoker essentials. As one reviewer put it, “Roll, grid, pack, vape, scoop, scrape and poke, all with a single tool.” It comes in two models, the (6 tool) Hybrid and the (4 tool) Lift.

Nugtools.com, $24.99 – $29.99



For flower-focused Dads…

…with a delicate touch.

Diamond Cut Co’s trimming scissors aren’t just for trimming. They also serve as an alternative to grinding your bud! The blunt tip makes them safe and effective at cutting flower to the smokable size of your choice. Err… dad’s choice. Because you’re shopping for Dad right now, remember? If your dad is a no-frills kind of guy, these scissors are a lovely selection.

Diamondcutco.com, $10



For DIY Dads…

…who take “hobbyist” to a new level.

If Dad’s in a legal state, this kit could be the start of something beautiful. Apotforpot.com calls this “Your complete kit to grow at home, with everything you need to go from seedling to harvest. Just add water, seed, and sun! Harvest up to 8 Oz in as little as 80 days!”


Apotforpot.com, $79.95 and up



For Dads who appreciate luxury…

…and a solid lock.

Beyond being a terrific use of a pun, The Apothecarry case system is THE high quality case for Dad’s high quality stash.  Fancy, low-odor wood case and rolling tray, food grade airtight strain jars, silicone coated non-stick dab jars, classy labels, leather interior… it’s the finest set there is for keeping that bud safe, secure, and stylish.

Theapothecarrycase.com, $159 and up



For Dads with time on their hands…

…and hands that like to keep busy.

Paint-by-number is a bit of a lost tradition, so this cannabis paint kit makes for a unique gift. It includes everything you need to make your own indica masterpiece.

Etsy.com, $30.00



For Dads who don’t need more stuff…

…and like giving as much as receiving.

If he’s one of those dads who already has everything he needs, consider making a charitable donation in his name.. We’re partial to the Veterans Cannabis Project, an organization committed to improving US military veterans’ quality of life through the opportunity of cannabis. The “VCP” empowers veterans to live healthy, fulfilling lives, while advocating on their behalf for unrestricted and supported access to medical cannabis.

Visit vetscp.org to learn more, and/or make a donation.

We hope this round up of cannabis-inspired gadgets and garb was just what you needed to nail down the perfect present for Dad. If not, perhaps you found something to add to your own wish list!

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