Reindeer socks

Holiday hustle got the best of you? We hear that. Sometimes all you want to do is take a little time out, curl up with your cannabis, and watch a good movie.

Given that the Christmas season is chock full of fantastic flicks, it got our marketing team talking about our own personal favorites. This handful of Curaleaf-staff holiday-appropriate picks is sure to inspire some quality couch time!


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989) Beth, Director of Marketing, Curaleaf Hemp

The classic of all Christmas classics. In a season full of idyllic perfection, Chevy Chase and his merry family are the PERFECT counterpoint. Everyone can relate to someone in that family. The dad trying to create a perfect season, mom managing family expectations, crazy uncle Eddie, the teenage daughter who loves her family while being completely embarrassed by them… The lights don’t work, the turkey is overcooked, the sled is a bit too fast. No matter how unpredictable life gets, the Griswold’s remind us that the holidays are really all about family. The rest is just, well, dog-eaten-gravy.


Home Alone (1990) Dan, Digital Engagement Lead, Curaleaf

To kick off the holiday season, every year after Thanksgiving dinner, my family would gather in the living room to watch Kevin McAllister outwit the Wet Bandits in the holiday classic, Home Alone. No matter how many times we had watched it, without failure, this flick would send us into hysterical laughter (think: the Little Nero’s delivery scene) and bring us to tear up (think: Kevin’s mom returning on Christmas morning). It’s also one of the only films that I can recite the majority of the lines – “Bless this highly nutritious microwavable macaroni and cheese dinner and the people who sold it on sale. Amen.” 😊


Love, Actually (2003) Killeen, Content Curator, Curaleaf

For anyone who has ever been called Mr. Grinch or Ebenezer Scrooge, Love, Actually just may melt your cold, hard heart. The movie follows eight different couples, each dealing with their own dose of strife during the holiday season. You’ll definitely laugh, you’ll possibly cry, and you just might even find yourself swept up in that magical Christmas spirit. As a once-proclaimed Christmas-hater, I’ll admit this movie is my guilty pleasure. It’s also got a soundtrack that’s quite decent, actually, albeit a bit sappy (in a good way)!


The Polar Express (2004) Kate, Program Manager, Curaleaf Cares

When this movie first came out in theatres, my mom was so excited she made the entire family dress up in onesies to go see it together. It’s always been her favorite movie. Now that I’m living a few hundred miles away from her, I can watch it when I miss my family. It brings me right back!


Fred Claus (2007) Ben, Digital Marketing Manager, Curaleaf 

Sibling rivalry, as anyone who has a sibling can attest, is a thing… No really, it is. And that rivalry goes to 11 as the holidays approach. I vividly remember trying to be the best while making my older sister out as the worst as the season drew near. That probably backfired on me more often than not.

This rivalry between siblings is at the heart of the story in Fred Claus, which is why I love it so much. Fred, the older brother to Nicholas (Santa) is up against the biggest challenge of them all – being the brother to the most wonderful human being on the planet – no small task. So he goes the naughty route, trying to always appear the better brother but ultimately being the worse (Hmmm… sounds familiar). It’s a fun, lighthearted, movie good for older children and their parents alike. It has some rebel threads, a solid  soundtrack, and a positive message to remind us that being “good” and “nice” doesn’t mean you always have to play by the rules—or be perfect—so long as you love those who are closest to you.


Whether we’ve helped you discover a new favorite, or re-sparked the memory of an old one, all of us at Curaleaf hope you have a holly, jolly, cannabis-filled finale to 2019!