4/20. For some of us, 4/20 is just a date. For the rest of us, it’s bigger than NYE.

On wikipedia, 420 is called out as “the international counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.” True, it’s become a big day for celebration. But at this point, isn’t it time to drop the “counter,” and just call it culture?

4/20’s on a Saturday this year, the perfect day to pull off a party your guests will remember for life.

The biggest key to a grand party is a grand plan. Let’s look at 9 essential elements for planning and hosting a most memorable gathering– complete with ideas of how to honor the herb that’s responsible for it all.

1. It’s all in a name

Black tie, tie dye, or somewhere in between? Establishing the vibe is entirely up to you. Naming your event can help to define your intentions, generate excitement, and let guests know what to expect. Because sure, “Jane’s party” works, but “One Fine Minute at Jane’s” sounds like an event you just can’t miss. Speaking of that…

2. Invite, don’t evite

There’s a reason weddings and children’s birthday parties still rely on old-fashioned paper invites. Getting personal mail is a small thrill these days, and you can’t sprinkle a little cannabis confetti in an email, can you? That tangible invite will also sit on the counter of your prospective guest and remind them to keep their 4/20 free.

CannaConfetti from The Cloudy Corgi, Etsy

3. Light it up

No, we’re actually talking about lighting here. Considering 4:20pm is a set time on the itinerary, your gathering is apt to start before sundown, but last into the wee dark hours of the night. Be prepared with ambient light! You could get funky with a disco ball, and these sparkling bulbs (which replace your standard ones), conjure up some magic with endless fairy lights, or keep it classy with vintage stringers that are so sharp, you’ll likely leave them up for good.

4. Let the music move you

Chill beats, Indie 420, Reggae hits… there’s a playlist out there for everything. But for your perfect soundtrack, listen to a different playlist each day, and mark your favorites to make your own custom set. Presto: “One fine minute at Jane’s” is musically eternalized– and it hasn’t even gone down yet!

5. Game on

Adding a game or two to your evening is a great icebreaker. Plan something as simple as an adult version of “Never have I ever…” or even musical chairs- with the promise of some fun prizes for playing along. Or, ask your guests to join in a “green elephant swap,” bringing a wrapped, gifty item that fits in with your theme, like this gold-leafed “high tea” cup and saucer set, or the prettiest ashtray you’ve ever seen.

6. Consider wellness

“Wellness” might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of a 420 party. Yet, for millions of people, cannabis is indeed an avenue to wellness, and that’s a huge cause for celebration. When 4:20 hits, consider commencing with a brief meditation, breathing exercise, or gratitude prayer to recognize the incredible power of plant medicine. Or, simply share a moment to express your appreciation for the opportunity to come together with the people you love.

7. Dished and delish

Party food deserves its very own article, but a pot-luck feels rather appropriate! Have your guests bring a dish to share, allowing you to focus on a late-night dessert buffet. These cupcake toppers can be stuck into just about anything for festive flair- in many motifs!

If keeping up with dishes is a turn-off, GreenPaperProducts.com has a large selection of biodegradable plant-fiber plateware. (Earth Day is right around the corner, after all.)

8. Safety first

Forgive the little PSA, but we care about you. So please, pay it forward, and care about your guests, too. Encourage responsible cannabis use, and consider the current laws within the state you call home. From capsules to edibles, there’s a lot out there to enjoy- be mindful of your intake, and be safe. For guests who don’t partake, (or don’t have legal access), a CBD vape or tincture is a nice, inclusive option to have on hand.

9. Make the memories last

Your party may be the talk of the town- but a pic is worth a thousand words. So, make it easy for your friends to capture each precious moment. This removable wallpaper can transform the corner of a room into a perfect photo backdrop, as can this wall decal. And, don’t forget props! There are super simple printables, or get a little swanky, and mix in some iconic leaf elements. Display a hashtag near your set-up, so the next day, all the shots from  #onefineminute are easy to track! (That hashtag is fully up for grabs, btw.)


Are your party-planning receptors engaged?

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